Author: Martin

Doing my own gigs as an air conditioning technician

Last year, I got laid off and decided to offer my services for money. I am an air conditioning technician and have worked in the cooling industry for years. When I got laid off, I set up a social media account and advertised my services to home and commercial property owners. The indoor comfort business […]

My girlfriend with the skills of an a/c serviceman

When Sally moved in with me, there were many changes. She overtook most of the closet space, including the one in the guest bedroom. My vanity changed from having just three bottles of shaving cream cologne and lotion to having countless bottles and containers that would rival a wizard’s pantry. The first time I unblocked […]

My friend's air conditioning company

I visited my old friend James who recently started an indoor comfort business. We have been friends for a very long time. And now that I have decided to buy a multi-split air conditioning, it would be good if I get it from him since he is now an air conditioning provider. When I arrived […]