Window A/C was leaking

My brother needed help moving from one apartment to the next, and he offered to buy me lunch if I just carry some boxes with him. I didn’t mind helping him, but a free lunch definitely got my attention. I carried a lot of the fragile boxes and made sure to carefully arrange them in a way so as to not get damaged, while my brother carried the heavier furniture. When I arrived at his new place, I could tell that it was nicer than his previous apartment, and slightly bigger and in a better area. However, I immediately noticed that his window air conditioner was leaking. It was leaking so much there was water running down the walls. When I pointed this out to my brother he had almost no reaction and dismissed it immediately. I told him he should tell the landlord about it, but he didn’t listen. I finished helping him move and then I was able to go home on my own. Imagine my surprise a month later, when my brother called and told me about his heating and air conditioning unit stopped working randomly. It wasn’t random in my opinion, it had signs of issues, but he just didn’t want to face them. Now he was going to have to go and trouble the landlord to get it fixed, when this all should have been done ahead of time to avoid this issue. He should have listened to me and the clear signs his cooling device was giving.


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Heated flooring is incredibly nice

I fell in love with heated flooring after staying at a hotel that had it.

Maybe that is a weird thing to love, but it is true, I love radiant heated flooring! I actually had a bit of an obsession with it back then, and even though I lived in the area, I stayed at the hotel multiple times just to feel the warm flooring again.

I soon realized that the local heating and A/C businesses actually offer heated flooring installation! I figured that it would be some expensive luxury only available to the rich, and out of my reach, but to my surprise, it was a lot cheaper than I had expected! I immediately called and made an appointment for the installation of the heated floors. It took a couple of weeks for the two cooling specialists to arrive, because the local cooling corporation was pretty busy. But when they went to work, I was surprised at how fast and easily they installed the HVAC flooring. Afterwards, they showed me how to use it, and I got to test it out myself. It felt just like the heated flooring at the hotel, except now it was in my very own home! I knew I was going to absolutely love this, and it was going to really help me in the winter time, as a backup to my central heater. I am so happy with my radiant heated floors, I can’t wait to invite some guests over to try it out for themselves. A lot of people don’t even know about heated flooring, so I bet everyone is going to be impressed!


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Deciding to upgrade my house’s HVAC a bit

While my home is nice in many ways, it definitely needed some upgrades.

One of which was the heating and air conditioning system.

The HVAC unit was old and was going to kick the bucket any day now, so I had no problems with replacing it with something much nicer and more efficient. Not to mention, the heating component part of the A/C machine didn’t work well at all. Anyways, I didn’t really want to go with another central air conditioner, I decided that I wanted to try and save money. I have heard a lot of good things from people who have gone with mini split ductless air conditioners instead of the regular central A/C. I decided to buy multiple of the ductless HVAC units to try and save money. I had already done some careful calculation, and knew that I would save a lot of money in the long run. The only issue was actually getting the cooling units. The main place I buy from is currently closed, and I have no idea when they are going to open again. I could always buy online, but the shipping prices are crazy! It is frustrating to know what you want to do, but not be able to do it. I am going to wait awhile and see if my favorite HVAC store opens back up again. If not then I will be forced to get the machines somewhere else. I really hope I can get the new HVAC machine soon, because I am tired of my old and inefficient A/C system.

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I have my own A/C preferences

Like everyone, I have my own temperature preferences.

I prefer nice moderate temperatures in the mid 70s. My family also agreed, and so we kept our house that way. However, when I moved out and then with my girlfriend, she liked the temperatures much colder than that. This kind of bothered me, because I didn’t like the cold nearly as much. But she was always super good at persuasion, and so the smart thermostat would be decreased to 70 degrees. Meanwhile our bills would skyrocket. She also liked having the air conditioning on almost all of the time, and so it was always so chilly in our house, and she liked it that way! I tried to go on for a while like this, but I eventually realized that I couldn’t keep living like this. I decided to talk to her about this. We sat down and had a long discussion, and we both didn’t want to give up our temperature preferences, but we also wanted each other to be comfortable. We eventually decided to just get a new A/C system, a zoned HVAC, and so that way we would both benefit and still have our preferred temperatures. The price of HVAC installation intimidated me, but my girlfriend already agreed to take on extra hours to help save up for the cost, and I agreed to do the same. I can’t wait to have the new system installed. It took several months before we had enough money, but when we did, we scheduled an appointment with our local A/C corporation for the new HVAC installation.



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