Air filtration changes everything

I don’t like to make generous statements because I usually regret them.

Occasionally, I can make something out to be miraculous when it isn’t, so I hesitate to talk about air purification.

I have to say this, though – I like the air in our home now! That wasn’t the case for a long spell. What I didn’t realize was that an HVAC supplier had the answers all along. Our house smelled bad, with airborne odors. They happen when you have a house full of youngsters, dogs, a cat, and other concerns. Then, throw in the fact the HVAC only distributes those odors and you get where I’m coming from. This doesn’t begin to get to the health angle of good indoor air conditions. That’s a whole other situation that finally sold my wife on the cost of a home air purifier. Those odors – there was nothing I could do to cover them up or come close to eliminating them! That’s where the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier and air purification changed my reality. Again, at the risk of carrying on about all of this, air purification changed my life! I like where I live again. That’s a huge deal! I’m really grateful to have air purification in my house!

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Decided to go for the geothermal HVAC installation

I was entirely skeptical when an HVAC worker came to my door talking about the quality HVAC systems they had on sale for 50% off.

To be honest, I did need to upgrade my HVAC system soon, but I was thinking I would wait another year. I ended up talking to this guy for a long time regardless of not being entirely interested. Then he brought up some of the best HVAC systems they had like radiant heated floors, geothermal HVAC, and ductless mini splits. I asked him a little bit about everything because he suddenly piqued my interest. I was curious about radiant heated floors and he explained how the installation would go and what to expect with the pricing. Then he spoke of the geothermal HVAC and how they would install the piping in the ground that connected with the geothermal heat pump. The ductless HVAC was very interesting as well. I asked if it were up to him, what would he go for. He said if he had the money, he definitely would go for the geothermal HVAC system. He said these systems last a very long time, as long as 50 years if they are taken care of properly. He also said they are the most energy efficient on the market and they are effective no matter the weather because of the stable underground temperatures that are accessed. I actually had enough to afford this system with it being 50% off and I realized this was a rare opportunity, so I went for the geothermal HVAC install!



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My memory is bad and I didn’t remember enrolling into the HVAC service plan

I was surprised when a representative from the HVAC company was at my door. He said he was there to check on the HVAC equipment and handle the official tune-up. I felt stupid because it totally slipped my mind that I enrolled into an HVAC service plan and we even scheduled the HVAC maintenance date on the phone. My memory has been pretty bad as of late though and it’s actually one of the main reasons why I chose to get into an HVAC service plan. It’s getting pretty bad and I think eventually, I might not even remember when the HVAC service was performed. If that is the case, I can actually picture myself calling up the HVAC company and complaining about them not fulfilling the contract in working on my HVAC system. I hope my memory doesn’t degenerate to such a level, but I have seen cases like that with people, including an old friend of mine who is a Veteran. He manages to get by with medical cannabis. I’m glad to see it helps him, but honestly it seems to make his memory worse. I remember smoking that stuff back in high school and I would forget everything, so I figured that was never for me. So anyway, the HVAC professional was great and took care of everything but I’m not sure when my next HVAC appointment is. I couldn’t remember if we already scheduled everything. I considered asking the guy, but I thought I would sound foolish if we did schedule the date and I forgot to write it down.



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