My memory is bad and I didn’t remember enrolling into the HVAC service plan

I was surprised when a representative from the HVAC company was at my door. He said he was there to check on the HVAC equipment and handle the official tune-up. I felt stupid because it totally slipped my mind that I enrolled into an HVAC service plan and we even scheduled the HVAC maintenance date on the phone. My memory has been pretty bad as of late though and it’s actually one of the main reasons why I chose to get into an HVAC service plan. It’s getting pretty bad and I think eventually, I might not even remember when the HVAC service was performed. If that is the case, I can actually picture myself calling up the HVAC company and complaining about them not fulfilling the contract in working on my HVAC system. I hope my memory doesn’t degenerate to such a level, but I have seen cases like that with people, including an old friend of mine who is a Veteran. He manages to get by with medical cannabis. I’m glad to see it helps him, but honestly it seems to make his memory worse. I remember smoking that stuff back in high school and I would forget everything, so I figured that was never for me. So anyway, the HVAC professional was great and took care of everything but I’m not sure when my next HVAC appointment is. I couldn’t remember if we already scheduled everything. I considered asking the guy, but I thought I would sound foolish if we did schedule the date and I forgot to write it down.



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