I was very upset with the choices that were made

One day, Josh came & told me that he had a surprise for me.

The next few days, he was consistently on the phone with what I could feel was the heating dealership.

He had also been researching the heating industry & repeatedly asked which heat & A/C product I liked best if I had to choose all over again. The electric furnace the two of us had was barely numerous years old. So I failed to understand his sudden interest in heaters. I asked him if he had noticed any problem with the boiler after the heating system service 2 weeks before. When he said that there was no issue, I started becoming suspicious. He had been acting strange, & when I asked what was going on, he would give me the most stupid reasons, the last being that he was trying to find the best furnace filter that the two of us would use moving forward. I eventually gave up when I told him a person who claimed to be an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech had called, & he said it was for a heating service at his friend’s house. Our weekend getaway was finally here. When the two of us finally got there, I was speechless. An old run-down house that overlooked a stream he had rebought some years ago was completely renovated, & I could see most of the things I had recommended when the two of us talked about remodeling it. It had radiant floors & a wireless control unit. He finally told me what had been going on. The company who called confirmed that they were done with the furnace/heater installation & wanted to finalize details of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C service plan. He considered all the little details the two of us had both agreed on, back when the two of us had no method when the two of us would get currency for the renovation.



ductless multi split