The atmosphere in the coffee shop is great

I get up pretty early in the afternoons and just about every day I go to our favorite shop that’s up on the square.

I love this unique shop not only because they have the best bagels in the world, but also because they have entirely fantastic indoor air quality inside.

I believe that that absolutely sounds silly to some people, but it’s entirely pressing to me. I always have all kinds of trouble with my respiratory system and having fantastic indoor air quality is always pressing to me. Going here in the afternoons is always our favorite space of the day, not only does this venue have fantastic indoor air quality inside, they make the whole shop actually comfortable, then the atmosphere is fantastic because they have this cute little gas log fireplace set up in the corner where I always go to sit with my phone in the afternoon. They always have the heating and the cooling plan settings set at just the right temperature, too. I enjoy that because most of the time you end up at venues where they have the furnace settings way too hot in the winter and then they have the a/c set to blast on frosty in the summer, most venues don’t seem to be able to regulate the temperature in their dealers for some reason. I always believe that when I go inside of my favorite shop in the afternoons, they are going to have the temperature set just right. They hardly ever let me down.
a/c set up