We had to buy a house sight unseen last year when we moved across the country

We had to buy a new house completely sight unseen last year when we moved across the county for my husband’s job.

  • His company gave him a huge promotion, and it wasn’t something that we could pass up.

We knew that the promotion was going to be really good for our family in the long run, even though it was kind of a pain there at the beginning when we realized that we had to move. We ended up talking to a realtor who specialized in moves like this, and the realtor was really great with us. We told him everything that we needed in a new house, including the type of heating and air conditioning system that we wanted. We wanted something that would be a high efficiency HVAC system, and my husband really wanted to have radiant heated flooring in the kitchen and the bathrooms. The only thing that I really cared about all that much was the fact that I wanted some sort of a fireplace. I did not care if we found a house with a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, but having a fireplace was important to me. The realtor got on the job right away and was able to find a place with the right size specifications that we needed and also in a great area. He was even able to find a house with radiant heated flooring in the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms! Best of all, there’s a gas log fireplace in the master bedroom. Buying a house sight unseen was not bad at all!

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