I never know how to set my thermostat in the fall

I never know how to set my thermostat during the fall, and I don’t know what to do.

  • Now, before I say anything else, you should know that fall is my favorite season, and I love it so much.

I don’t like warmer temperatures during the summer, and I am pretty sure that the only reason that I survive during the summer is my central air conditioner. That is why I love the fall. During the fall, the temperatures start to cool down, and I really don’t need my central air conditioner anymore. During the fall, the temperatures are basically perfect, but they definitely begin to get chillier and chillier. That is why I have a hard time during the fall. It is hard to know when you should turn on your furnace. My furnace likes to run even if it is not needed, and I love the colder temperatures during the fall. Some days, the temperatures are perfect, and if you wear a sweater, you wouldn’t even need a furnace to keep your house perfectly comfortable. However, during the evening, you definitely need a furnace unless you have a very heavy and warm blanket. I always feel like I am getting sick during the fall if I don’t use my furnace at night. Because of these drastic temperature swings, it is hard to know what to do with my thermostat. Sometimes, I need a furnace to keep me warm. Other times, I would rather turn the furnace off and open the window. This may be my favorite season, but I hate having to figure out what to do with my furnace.

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