I never know how to set my thermostat in the spring

I never know how to set my thermostat during the spring.

It is currently spring where I am, and I love spring temperatures.

Most of the time, the temperatures are perfect in the spring, and during the day, you can open the windows and feel the wonderful climate. However, it is also true that the temperatures fluctuate pretty drastically during the spring, and it does make things difficult. For instance, it is always difficult to figure out how you should set your thermostat in the spring. During the day, the temperatures might be perfect, so you might turn your thermostat off and simply open the windows and enjoy the nice weather. However, during rainy days, you might need the windows closed, meaning that you might need the HVAC units running. If the temperatures are hot during the week, you might need the central air conditioner running to avoid the warmer temperatures, but when the temperatures drop at night, you might want to use the furnace again. Sometimes, the temperatures during the day drop drastically, also requiring the use of your furnace. It makes it seem that during the spring, you are constantly switching back and forth from your furnace to your central air conditioner, and I run to the thermostat consistently. Sure, I love spring temperatures, but I don’t like having to adjust my thermostat every couple of hours. I wish that there was a thermostat that knew how to switch HVAC units automatically that was affordable. I am pretty sure that smart thermostats can do this, but I have heard that they are pretty expensive.

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