My mom is always complaining to me

My mom is always doing all of her complaining to me about my dad and how he tries to fix things at their house.

  • My dad thinks that he is a real Mr.

FIx-it, but he’s really not at all. My dad actually doesn’t know anything at all about fixing things around the house. He doesn’t know how to fix cars either. I don’t know why he operates under the constant delusion that he does know how to fix things, but he usually ends up tearing them up worse than they were to begin with.This is something that drives my mother absolutely crazy. She always tells him to just go ahead and call the repairman, but he always wants to try and fix things himself. The last time that this happened, they were dealing with a broken central air conditioning system. The weather is really heating up around here right now and the outside temperatures have been in the high 70s. My parents decided to turn on the central air conditioning for the first time this year, and that’s when they noticed that there was something wrong with it. My mother messed around with their thermostat unit for a while but she couldn’t get the A/C to come on. That’s when my dad started yelling that he was too hot and he grabbed his tools and headed down to the basement. That’s also when my poor mom grabbed the phone and called me to tell me that he was doing it again! I immediately called the HVAC company and sent an HVAC technician over to their house. I didn’t want to have to deal with my mom complaining about my dad anymore!


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