What shouldn’t you do if your furnace stops working?

When your furnace stops working, I would imagine that you probably start freaking out.

I am an HVAC technician, and I have had to deal with a lot of people while their furnace isn’t working.

It seems that some instinctual part of their brain goes into survival mode when they realize that their primary source of heat is completely gone. As an HVAC technician, I do what I can to make sure that people get their furnaces working again as soon as possible, and that is why I love doing what I do. Still, I also want to give you some tips about what you should not do when your furnace stops working. First, you should not wait to call an HVAC technician. Calling an HVAC technician when your furnace stops working is one of the most important things that you can do. Also, if you don’t know how to fix a furnace, you should not try to attempt to fix a furnace under any circumstances. That can be dangerous. YOu should also not attempt to supplement the heat with space heaters, propane heaters, or even worse, your oven. Propane heaters might be the safest for an electrical draw, but a constant propane source indoors is very dangerous. Furthermore, most electrical outlets are not made to support space heaters, and a lot of outlets melt when a space heater is used constantly. Finally, using your oven is the worst idea. More house fires occur every winter with an oven used for heat than any other cause. Everyone stay safe when your furnace stops working.

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