You don’t need HVAC units all the time

You don’t need HVAC units all the time, and I think that this is so cool.

I really do appreciate my HVAC units, but I do enjoy getting some time off from my HVAC units twice a year.

During the summer, I find myself heavily relying on my central air conditioner. Although I did not grow up with a central air conditioner, I have become conditioned to using the central air conditioner. I used to be able to manage the warm temperatures, but now, I am pretty sure that I could not survive during the summer without my central air conditioner. During the winter, I absolutely know that I could not survive without my furnace. The temperatures in our area get cold during the winter, and the furnace protects my family and my water pipes from any harm. However, using the HVAC units is expensive, and I feel like I am constantly using my HVAC units just to survive. That is why I am thankful that there are two times during the year when you do not need HVAC units. Obviously, I am speaking about fall and spring. During these two seasons, it seems that the earth finds the perfect temperatures for your house. Sure, you might need to use the furnace at night to protect from chilly temperatures, but you usually don’t have to worry about it during the day. In fact, you can turn your thermostat completely off and rely on an open window to keep your house perfectly comfortable. I love the perfect weather and the lack of HVAC units during these two seasons.

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