Air conditioning tune-up before a big event

D-day was finally here.

My sister was graduating, and we were all happy about it.

We had planned a graduation dinner to celebrate her attaining her Ph.D. I owned an air conditioning business and was in charge of ensuring that the indoor comfort was of high quality as we had high-ranking people attending the dinner. They recently had an a/c rep do air conditioning repair about two months ago, but anything could have happened within that period. The first order of business was to perform an air conditioner tune-up in the hall where the dinner was taking place. The air conditioning system was vital for this event since it was during summer, and having many people in one single could get hot and stuffy if the heat pump was not working right. I brought along a fellow air conditioning expert so that we could work on the cooling equipment in the shortest time possible. We upgraded the dial thermostat for a smart one more compatible with the cooling technology. We also replaced the air conditioning filter that was barely two months old, but as the cooling specialist in charge of the heating and cooling products, I was not going to take any chances. We also took time to bring the maintenance person up to speed on the air conditioning installation and teach him more about air conditioning so that he could take care of minor mishaps if any. Everything was ready and set for the big dinner. The doctor was impeccable, and if the aroma from the kitchen were anything to go by, the food would be finger-licking delicious.

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