Struggling with the HVAC thermostat

The temperature control seems to be mistaken.

  • In addition, I now have a system of what I am going to do about it; however, I recognize that there is no way that the temperature control can truly be accurate either.

I recognize what my comfortable temperature is. I constantly recognize the most comfortable in my home when the temperature control is set to around 79 degrees, but my wife prefers the temperature to be around 69, in addition to that I am good with that. I constantly recognize a little warmth, although I can live with those rapidly adjusting temperatures, but recently, I began to notice that my home has felt a lot colder as well… However, for instance, I walked into my home one afternoon, and I had to put an overcoat on because it was so frigid. I decided to check the temperature control, in addition to it said that the temperature in the home was 69 degrees. I recognize for a fact that this is not accurate. For the next few nights, the temperature control said the same thing, although I knew that it was colder. I have no way to verify this, although I am pretty sure that my temperature control is broken. I don’t mind that it is broken, although I hope that my central a/c isn’t running occasionally. I might need to call an actual heating, ventilation, A/C professional in addition to see if they can verify my thoughts. If I need to buy a temperature control just so that I can get an accurate study of my heating, ventilation, in addition to the A/C unit, I could totally do that. I have just never heard of a temperature control doing that before. Has anyone here ever experienced anything similar?


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