The thermostat seems to be mistaken

The thermostat seems to be mistaken, and I have now an idea of what I am going to do about it.

I know that there is no way that the thermostat can actually be accurate.

I know what my comfortable temperature is. I always feel the most comfortable in my house when the thermostat is set to around 70 degrees. My wife prefers the temperature to be around 72, and I am fine with that. I always feel a little warm, but I can live with those temperatures. However, recently, I began to notice that my house has felt a lot colder. For instance, I walked into my house one day, and I had to put a jacket on because it was so chilly. I decided to check the thermostat, and it said that the temperature in the house was 76 degrees. I know for a fact that this is not accurate. For the next few days, the thermostat said the same thing, but I knew that it was colder. I have no way to verify this, but I am pretty sure that my thermostat is broken. I don’t mind that it is broken, but I hope that my central air conditioner isn’t running sporadically. I might need to call an HVAC technician and see if they can verify my thoughts. If I need to buy a thermostat just so that I can get an accurate reading of my HVAC unit, I could totally do that. I have just never heard of a thermostat doing that before. Has anyone here ever experienced anything similar?


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