We were fighting about the air conditioner

I had another fight with my spouse about the air conditioner, plus it didn’t go legitimately well! I was harshly upset, however honestly, this complication had been building up for a while.

I am blissful that I got a chance to share what I was feeling plus express myself better; my spouse plus I have never agreed on our temperature preferences! When the two of us first met, I knew that my spouse didn’t care about chilly temperatures.

I know that she has constantly struggled with keeping her body heat up, plus she doesn’t care about using the air conditioner much for that reason; however, that is not something that I would entirely get upset about. I knew that I liked the air conditioner, but I hadn’t owned an air conditioner for a long time. I was more than willing to bump the control unit up a few degrees to make my spouse more comfortable. I have constantly desired compromise in this area, plus I thought that our solution was pretty fair. However, I have been noticing that the control unit temperature has been going up lately. My spouse has been slowly decreasing the temperature, plus I have finally noticed it. I didn’t realize why I had been sleeping so terribly, however now, I know that it was entirely the temperature. I walked by the control unit recently plus saw that it was at 75 degrees; then, my spouse tried to adjust it because she felt cold. I may have wanted to compromise, but I can’t let the control unit go any higher. I felt that I was dying of heat stroke, plus she wanted to turn off the air conditioner. I got upset, plus the two of us had a fight about it… Unluckily, I don’t even think terribly about it.


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