My idea of relaxing is video games and the AC

My boyfriend and I have vastly different ideas of what relaxing should be like.

We met a couple of months ago and we have a good relationship but we don’t enjoy a lot of the same activities.

My boyfriend likes to be outdoors fishing, camping, and hiking. I would rather spend my time indoors playing video games, especially during the summer months when the temperatures are hot and scorching. My boyfriend wanted me to go camping with him last weekend. I asked him if there was going to be climate control and he laughed. He didn’t laugh when I told him that I wasn’t going to go camping unless I was staying in a cabin that had ac, a shower, toilet, and a comfortable bed. My boyfriend went camping without me. He had a good time with his friends, but I would have preferred that he stay at the house with me. I guess it might be a bad sign if we don’t enjoy some of the same activities. I would be willing to try camping if we could stay in a cabin with air conditioning. I guess it doesn’t have to have a bathroom or a television, but I don’t want to sleep in a tent and deal with ants, flies, and mosquitoes while suffering through the hot temperatures without any AC. That is just simply not my idea of fun and I don’t think that it ever will be. I don’t know what direction our relationship is headed, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the state park.

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