The rest of the crew went fishing while I sat at the apartment

I have some pretty good friends.

I got hurt on the job a couple of weeks ago and they came to the hospital to pick me up after I got a cast on my leg.

They even rallied together to pay my rent for the next month so I don’t have to worry about much at all. Of course, they didn’t cancel the spring camping trip that we take every year. We were all supposed to go camping last weekend together. I was the person that made the plans. I got us reservations at the State Park and I had sites that were right on the river. The river sites are incredibly hard to get, especially for more than two nights in a row. I was proud of myself for making the reservations early, so we could enjoy fishing on the river each morning and night. When the weekend was getting closer, I realized that my friends were still planning to go. I asked them to wait until I was feeling better, but they did not want to wait until the end of 6 weeks because fishing season would be over. I mostly understood why they didn’t cancel, but I was still really bummed out. When the guys left the house, they gave me the remote control for the smart thermostat. They brought me a cooler with two bags of ice and a 12 pack of beer. The guys turned the AC down to 72 so it was cold in the house and they left for the lake. I ordered some pizza and adjusted the thermostat to a lower temperature. I was going to be cold and comfortable while they were gone.


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