Customer loyalty when it comes to little things like altering the temperature control

Customer service goes a long way in giving you a good reputation as a business, regardless of whatever product and/or service that you provide people. If there is ever a single industry in which this seems to ring true the most, it has to be the service industry, however in particular, the diner industry. Let me give you an example that I have personally experienced. In most diners, you honestly wouldn’t expect to be obliged if you asked your waiter or waiter to adjust the temperature on the temperature control. They will always offer you an excuse such as, the temperature control is programmable and cannot be changed, or they don’t have the authority to change the temperature control. Furthermore, they may even tell you that they will adjust the temperature when they have no intention of doing so. It would also seem to take a lot of complaints for the diner staff to take a plea for a temperature adjustment seriously. However, that is entirely not the case at this down-cabin Southern cooking diner that I frequent. Southern hospitality is their mantra, and they take it actually seriously! I have seen the diner employee himself come out and offer a blanket to an older person who was complaining about the chilly when it clearly wasn’t chilly for the vast majority of other shoppers in the diner. I’ve also tended to notice on a couple openings people remarking about the temperature on the temperature control. Instead of coming up with an excuse or a false promise, the wait staff will simply ask most people else in the area if they agree that the temperature is too high or low and they will adjust accordingly! Now that doesn’t take much effort, however it makes every difference when it comes to endearing your shoppers and facilitating their loyalty!

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