Equipping a backyard studio with quality HVAC equipment

My first client this year was a homeowner with an imposing house.

We did their interiors two years ago. They had a lot of space in their compound that I thought would just be turned into a garden area, but she had other ideas. They built a backyard studio on it and needed it to be furnished in a similar taste as the main house. It serves as her meditation room, greenhouse for her many herbs and plants, and office space. Part of my work was to contact the previous air conditioning provider for HVAC installation that would meet the multiple needs of the studio space. The studio was detached from the main house, so it needed its quality air conditioner. As a completed space without ducts, the best option, as we agreed with the a/c serviceman, would be a multi-split air conditioning unit. I knew how to fit quality HVAC equipment into the space without it being an eyesore. The air conditioning technician knew how to customize the unit to match the studio house’s unique needs. With a thermostat, our client could control the temperatures for each part of the studio, especially the greenhouse, during winter. The equipment had to also be the best in the cooling industry to preserve air quality. Lucky for us, the local air conditioning company always stocks some of the best quality products, so we did not have to ship anything. We did the installation and finally unveiled the space to our client. But before closing the project, the a/c technician had to take the client through HVAC maintenance and when she should call them for air conditioning repair. We need to share more about air conditioning with clients so that they know the basics of HVAC care.


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