Quality HVAC equipment for a commercial property

My first job as an air conditioning technician five years ago was for a client who’d contracted our air conditioning company for a multi-split air conditioning unit with five splits.

  • I remember how they seemed to know more about air conditioning than I did before going to school.

Still, I figured it was because they owned several properties and had interacted with cooling industry experts. They knew what to look for in a quality air conditioner and what their commercial property needed to avoid air quality troubles with the tenants. We were to devise a layout for how the HVAC installation would be done to ensure that the occupants in the building were comfortable. More specifically, the client wanted the air conditioning provider to install quality HVAC equipment in each space while allowing dump zones for extra air so that the thermostat would work more efficiently. I didn’t get what he meant since it was my first job, so I got the help of a senior a/c serviceman who understood how to bring the client’s vision to life. The installation cost, according to how the client wanted the equipment installed, was high, but they were ready to pay for the total price. The client said that compromising his tenant’s comfort would only lead to multiple HVAC maintenance calls because they would keep trying to make the units work for their comfort, which would cause damage. It was an intensive job because we had to draw the layout several times to get it right. We even suggested that the client consider another type of HVAC, but they were sure that what they wanted was doable. We did it eventually, which was such a learning curve for me. We’ve only had one air conditioning repair at that property, so the occupants are happy.

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