When all you can be is his air conditioning technician

Bruce’s house was everything and more than I wanted from the plush carpet, beautiful seats, and fancy electronics.

He had the latest equipment, from the washer to the microwave.

Bruce even had workout equipment that he seldom used. He has the newest model car. The guy was single and had no hurry to settle down. At some point, we tried dating, but it did not work out, but sadly I still have feelings for him that I know will forever remain unrequited. I tried keeping my distance so the feelings would fade, but he always managed to wiggle himself into my life. I was happy for him, but I couldn’t help but wish I was living in that house. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it all and was merely there as an air conditioning technician. Bruce had called the air conditioning company to ask for HVAC maintenance. I was already aware that Bruce had a multi-split air conditioning system since I was the one who did the HVAC installation. Given the symptoms he told me he had observed from the quality HVAC equipment, he needed air conditioning repair. He had also called the air conditioning provider earlier that week and ordered a wireless thermostat; I would be installing that too. He had also complained about the deteriorating air quality, but that was resolved after working on the quality air conditioner. Bruce was a good friend, so he always called me when he needed the cooling industry services of an a/c serviceman. He had learned more about air conditioning from me and was taking better care of his HVAC.

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