Will diner staff change the temperature on the temperature control if you simply ask them?

If you’ve ever simply gone into a diner when it’s absolutely sizzling and humid outside, you may be a single of those people that just cannot seem to get comfortable.

Sometimes, due to a variety of factors, it may simply be too warm inside the diner on an absolutely sizzling day.

Maybe you sit too close to the outside doors and it’s a tied up day and they are always swinging open and closed. Maybe there are a lot of crucial windows and the daylight is bright and glaring through the glass heating up the interior of the dining area. Or maybe, the diner employer is trying to split costs by not sufficiently cooling his diner. As you may have guessed, in most diners, if you bring up the temperature and request that the wait staff adjust the temperature on the temperature control, you honestly won’t get someone to entirely go over and change the temperature. More than likely, they will remark that the temperature control is programmable and cannot be changed. They may even tell you that they will adjust it for you when they have no intention of doing so. If you notice that the wait staff doesn’t seem recognizably sympathetic towards you if you find yourself too chilly in the diner, take into consideration the fact that these employees are consistently on the move, so more than likely they entirely appreciate how cool it is. In fact, I had a friend who worked in the diner business who told me that the diner owner didn’t even bother turning the air conditioner on inside the home office in an attempt to save money. Ultimately, if enough shoppers complain about the temperature within a diner, that is honestly the only time in which staff will consider making an adjustment, so a single plea from a single shopper honestly won’t result in any change.



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