It suddenly became easy to visit the cabin in winter

When dad was dying, he wanted my sister and I to be sure that he had kept the cabin in the family.

  • He wasn’t so sad about anything else, which was sort of interesting.

Instead, he was adamant that we would never sell the place once he was gone. For some reason, I didn’t know if either of us had any thoughts of ever doing that. Some of the best memories we had of dad was him whisking us out of the house up to the cottage. Once in a while we would escape here even if it didn’t have the residential Heating & Air Conditioner in many homes. So while that cabin is worth a ton of money we would never think of ever selling it. Besides that, both my sister’s kids and mine loved this place just like we did so it is one property that will remain in the family for ages. And who wouldn’t want to keep it with all that perfect nature, a lake and nobody around for miles. While we didn’t entertain the thought of selling the cottage, we did want to update it a bit. And a huge part of this was having some other source of heating up there in the winter. The wood stove was no longer heating the space sufficiently. It worked but you had to get the fire going first. And that could be tricky sometimes. This resulted in us not going there as much in the winter. So we had a series of ductless heat pumps installed to offer a supplemental Heating & Air Conditioning heating source. What’s more, having that Heating & Air Conditioning cooling in the dead heat of summer time isn’t that bad either.


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