It's important to be accountable for HVAC needs as life changes

For example, the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment used to be on him

It’s still somehow odd and may even take getting used to when you’re abruptly living without your partner. But that’s what seemed to be best for us in this case. Once our kids were out of the house and it was just the two of us, it was pretty obvious. There was just too much silence and no amount of quality heating made it feel like our home. We did the best to keep stress-free in order not to deal with each other. We both stayed late in the office in order to avoid going home. Once we had to be honest about the situation, it was such a big relief for us both. And there was no failure to it really. I mean, we’d been great partners who had raised great kids but for now it was time to face life apart as we had reached the limit of our relationship. We met with a realtor and did some projects to add value to the house before listing it. We also updated the Heating & cooling equipment to the latest in residential air conditioners. This was a huge selling point. I currently live in a small 2-bath, one bedroom apartment. It’s a bit odd but I’m doing so much better. We are both realizing the different things each partner worked on. For example, the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment used to be on him. Now I have to handle it myself so I decided to sign up for the HVAC repair plan offered by the Heating & Air Conditioning business. I still have to set alarms on all my devices in order to get the Heating & Air Conditioning air filter changed on time.



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