Don’t leave your phone on the gas fireplace

My young niece is crying.

She is upset because her vacation was ruined.

Well, I don’t see how a broken phone equals a ruined vacation but then again I am not a 12 year old. I made the mistake of inviting my brother and his family up for a week over the holiday. I haven’t seen my brother Dillan in a few years and I thought we would all have fun together. I bought sleds for the kids and turned on the old gas stove. I remember, when Dillan and I were younger we had this wood stove that our parents would light up whenever it snowed. After we were done playing in the snow we would put our wet boots and gloves near the fireplace and they would dry out quickly. Well, I didn’t want to deal with all of that wood chopping so I got a gas stove for my house. I turned it on for the kids to enjoy but they just stared at their phones the whole time. They weren’t interested in sledding at all. Then my niece left her cell phone on the gas stove overnight. Now the phone is completely destroyed. Of course it is. I guess they have an electric stove fireplace at home. That thing is all plastic and doesn’t get hot on top like a gas stove does. Oh well, these things happen. Maybe now she will have fun playing outside instead of staring at a screen all day. Either that or Dillan will run into town and buy her a new phone. It doesn’t much matter to me.



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