Contractor won’t pass on my calls

Before you select a company, it might be worth asking whether any other companys will honor her warranty in the unlikely event that she can’t do the work, then last year, I had a heating & air conditioner company install a current air conditioner in my home.

One month later, the air conditioner stopped working.

I had a warranty on the company’s labor, so I called him to request her services. For several afternoons I called him, despite the fact that she never returned my calls. After doing an internet search, I found some rather downside comments about her toil on review websites. I finally found out that she had gone out of business, so it looked like I might be spending the Summer without air conditioner. I decided to contact the manufacturer of the air conditioner to see if there was anything they might be able to do. The manager suggested that I call several Heating & Air Conditioning companies – those with fine reputations – to inquire about specialists who could maintenance my air conditioner. Thankfully, there was an air conditioner specialist who was kind enough to come & maintenance the system, charging me only for parts. As I paid him, she indicated that the original Heating & Air Conditioning woman was well-known for her poor company practices. Lesson learned the taxing way, I thought to myself. I now tell anyone who is looking for a heating or cooling specialist to be sure to get references before selecting one. I listened naively to the claims that were made by the company himself, including the fact that she had installed hundreds of air conditioners. The only fine that came out of this experience is that I won’t be fooled again.


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