I bought a new wall mounted air conditioner while living in a foriegn country

I have to take many business trips for my job.

I honestly love to travel.

It is so much fun, and I get to see a lot of things that I would otherwise not be able to see. My husband gets to travel with me sometimes, and we have so much fun when he does! Most of his work is online, so he has a very flexible schedule to be able to travel with me whenever the opportunity arrives. We have had such a good time traveling this past year. It was the first time that we stayed out of the United States for an entire year! It was a totally different experience than ever before. We were in Asia, and we did not speak the language, so it was difficult yet so much fun! The apartment that we stayed in for the year was very nice, but it did not have all of the conveniences that we were used to. There was no dryer, so we hanged our clothes to dry. There was also no air conditioning in the apartment which was a big deal to both of us. It gets pretty warm where we were staying. From May to September it was around ninety degrees just about every day. The apartment was so hot! We ended up going shopping for an air conditioner. The air conditioners they sold were different than my husband and I had ever used before, so we were a little confused at first. They were ductless, mini-split air conditioners. They were meant to be mounted onto the wall. It was an interesting experience trying to buy an air conditioner without being able to speak the language. We ended up getting one, and it was such a relief!


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