Glad I could fix it

My rabbit found its home in our lavatory now.

First, it was hiding in the home office under the guest bed.

Then, it hid in the living room under the sofa. After that, it hid under our office desk for a day or 2. Then, it was hiding in our home bedroom under the back corner of our bed. And now finally, it’s shacked up under our sink in our lavatory. I’m glad that it is getting to like the whole house. It needs to find a spot in the home office next and that would cover all of the rooms. Maybe it could hide in our tankless water heating system if it can find a way. This pet is a little sneak I swear. I was looking for it in our tiny flat for about 45 min until I found it under a small pillow on the sofa. My plumber neighbor told me that it could take weeks until the bunny is comfortable enough to let me pet it. I was hoping for a nice friendly fluffy little pet that I could pet immediately but maybe this pet was brought here to teach me patience. I may just have enough patience now to do this leak repair that I have been putting off for so long. Maybe the pet can teach me how to do that too, or just do it himself. He seems to be ample enough. I did some pipe cleaning last month and the water flow is much better now when I am taking a bath. All is well, now where is that bunny?



leak repair service

What am I going to buy

I am supposed to be getting a couple million dollars soon when our mother is gone and don’t truly know what I would do differently. I only work a few hours a month in a low stress writing job after quitting our online tutoring work of four years. That was a lot of work and it took a lot of energy from me and in the end I was completely burned out from teaching adolescents. Now our life is quite simple and I have everything I need or want so what would I do with 2 million dollars? I may buy a tankless water heating system and get it installed by a professional plumber, that’s 1 thing I could do with some of the cash. I am also going to purchase things for me that I need like a car, bike and work out bench. Maybe I can hire a plumbing business instead of fixing it myself now that I will have some money soon but that is about it as far as spending the money. I assume the 3 keys to happiness are simple; have what you need, do what you love, and help other people. Or maybe calling an emergency plumber when your sewer line is jammed to avoid doing it on your own. So yeah, that is what I will do with the money; I’ll help other people and help myself by calling someone who knows what they are doing and saving me the headache. My neighbor is a plumber and he would appreciate our business I’m sure.


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Time for drain cleaning

Well happy Monday to you.

  • I am going to the beach in a few moments to relax with our friends, if they are out there today.

It is quite slow here during the Winter and sometimes when I go to the beach I am the only 1 there. In the Summer there are about 120 people on the same vacant Winter beach. I may leave this section for a couple weeks in the Summer and go back home to visit our family. It gets too tightly packed here and it is taxing to relax with people on every street corner. I have a problem with the drains and sewers in our home in the states and I assume the people I was with and I need to call a plumbing business to come out and assess the situation. I assume the people I was with and I may need to put in current sewer lines for the whole home because I assume they are 90 years old now and have tree roots growing in them all of the time. The two of us always have to have drain cleaning done to remove the roots which are catching the toilet paper and causing backups and clogs. It is horrible work and I guess it is going to cost a lot of money but if it isn’t done soon I will have no more renters paying rent. The 1 renter said he was fantastic at doing drain line repair and repair although I don’t know if he realizes the scope of this project. I assume it would take four men a month or more to complete it.


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What to purchase

I hope I can time this right with our large purchase of rentals and other investments.

  • I’ll be getting money today or tomorrow and if it keeps diving a bit in price I could truly make a great deal.

I assume I would need to purchase it today or tomorrow before it takes off on another jump again. I am just waiting for our stepmom to drop the money in our account. I don’t want to ask her about it as it is an inheritance from my dad. Patience is the key to almost everything in life. I assume I will focus on a gas line repair I need for our home office’s water heating system because there has been a concern with it. I also assume I should go to the beach for a while and just clear our head of all of this money though. It is so ridiculous how the people I was with and I worry about things that truly don’t matter in the large scheme of things. I have a few plumbing repairs I could do around the home and that should help me stop thinking about cryptos for a while. I’ve never been so addicted to something like rentals although I assume it adds some excitement, like gambling, when life gets simple. I could help our neighbor with a sewer line repair at his home although I assume I would rather go to the sea and skip euros across it than clean a sewer line. Maybe he should just call someone and cough up a few bucks, and get it done right and done fast.


What to purchase