I’m burned out

I have been working in the heating & a/c business as a certified heat & a/c specialist for several years now.

I have to tell you that I am totally burned out.

I am sick of heating & a/c & everything related to it. It may be time to have a midlife change of works to be honest. I really should not have gone into the heating & a/c business to begin with. But at the time it sounded like a enjoyable thing to do. I mean after all, I never had an interest in heating & a/c growing up. This was all a spur of the moment thing just to find some sort of work to get into because I definitely did not guess what I wanted to do, but had to make a choice fast when I was about to graduate high school. Many of my peers went into things like law, business management & even the restaurant business, and one of those things would be better suited for me. I just simply can not rest heating & a/c anymore! I am going to beginning looking into possibilities of schools to go to at evening to get a degree in something while I work as a certified heat & a/c specialist in the day. Then once I figure it out & get my degree, it will be goodbye heating & a/c & enjoyable riddance! I can not wait for the day I can do this. But for now, I must make a residing, so it’s fixing heating & a/c units for the next little while.

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I miss it a lot

I was thinking the other day about how much I miss my outdated gas furnace.

  • I had that thing for 2 decades & just recently replaced it with a new & undoubtedly up-to-date brand new central heating & a/c.

The outdated gas furnace had finally seen its day. But what I miss most about it is going down the basement & seeing that awesome looking red flame at the bottom of it. It reminded myself and others of my childhood growing up with the gas furnace the two of us had back when. It was the same style & all. It was also cheaper to run. But the downside to the outdated gas furnace was that it required an extra heating & a/c service bill. Now with having a brand new & up-to-date central heating & a/c I can get all my heat & a/c needs taken care of in one easy Heating & A/C tune up visit. Also if anything ever goes wrong with the heating or the a/c it would be the same repair price for each since it is the same system controlling & pumping both. If one breaks, the other is broken as well. It is just a much better all around set up for heating & cooling my home. But that does not mean I do not miss the outdated gas furnace. There was nothing like it & there will never be anything like it ever again. The long gone afternoons. Maybe I will buy a gas fireplace. That way I can get the red flame back! That’s a great idea.

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Why would anyone get rid of a central air conditioner?

I just don’t understand why anyone would want to get rid of a central air conditioner.

  • Honestly, it baffles me that there are people that still haven’t learned how to appreciate their central air conditioner, and I can’t help but wonder if something is wrong with these people.

I am incredibly grateful for my central air conditioner, and I don’t know how I would live without my central air conditioner. There are many reasons why people might want to get rid of their central air conditioner. For instance, they might find the repairs on their central air conditioner to be expensive. Sure, I won’t lie and tell you that the central air conditioner is cheap. It might be pretty expensive when you purchase a central air conditioner and having an HVAC technician repair your central air conditioner is pretty expensive. However, we waste a lot of money on things that do not provide nearly as much comfort as a central air conditioner. Honestly, we need to readjust our priorities. Some people feel too dependent on central air conditioners, and they don’t want to depend on a central air conditioner. However, this seems silly to me. Would you get rid of your furnace because you felt like you needed it? Would you stop eating food because you were afraid that you could not survive without it? Besides, most people can survive without a central air conditioner. However, a central air conditioner provides you with a comfortable atmosphere after a long day of work. Is it a terrible thing to be comfortable because you have a central air conditioner that keeps you happy?

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You don’t need HVAC units all the time

You don’t need HVAC units all the time, and I think that this is so cool.

I really do appreciate my HVAC units, but I do enjoy getting some time off from my HVAC units twice a year.

During the summer, I find myself heavily relying on my central air conditioner. Although I did not grow up with a central air conditioner, I have become conditioned to using the central air conditioner. I used to be able to manage the warm temperatures, but now, I am pretty sure that I could not survive during the summer without my central air conditioner. During the winter, I absolutely know that I could not survive without my furnace. The temperatures in our area get cold during the winter, and the furnace protects my family and my water pipes from any harm. However, using the HVAC units is expensive, and I feel like I am constantly using my HVAC units just to survive. That is why I am thankful that there are two times during the year when you do not need HVAC units. Obviously, I am speaking about fall and spring. During these two seasons, it seems that the earth finds the perfect temperatures for your house. Sure, you might need to use the furnace at night to protect from chilly temperatures, but you usually don’t have to worry about it during the day. In fact, you can turn your thermostat completely off and rely on an open window to keep your house perfectly comfortable. I love the perfect weather and the lack of HVAC units during these two seasons.

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