Interior designer did my nursery

I just don’t have an eye for interior design.

When I got pregnant with my son I really wanted to do a super cute nursery for him.

I saw all these women online doing neat themes in their home and I got excited. I wanted to do a theme with matching colors. I wanted to have it look like a magazine too. I also wanted the space comfortable and with quality furniture. I realized that there are professionals for a reason. I contacted an interior design company and asked for assistance. I wanted something that had a modern look, classic but cute. I wanted the room to be very boy-like as well. The interior designer was really great about helping me choose colors and themes. We did a sailboat theme and used the blues of the water, the whites of the sail, and sand colors. The crib was white with those colors in alternating crib sheets. I got a rug, curtains, changing table, and toys that all matched the theme. Everything came together in a really nice finished outlook. The space looked just like a magazine. I liked that everything that was added was practical and of good quality. I hate when people put photos of boats on the wall in a nursery. What baby wants that? Instead it was a painted mural done by my mother and the rest of the stuff was actual things my son would use. Having an interior designer do a nursery is a game changer. You get practical and beautiful in a single space.

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Had to start restricting thermostat access

I like to think that I approach challenges and problems calmly and in a cohesive manner. This is the same approach that I take whether it’s inside the commercial HVAC of the office or at home with my family. I prefer to be the sort who looks for common ground and commons sense when finding solutions. This is always where I start and I make sure that all stakeholders are involved. But just like inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I sometimes have to take matters into my own hands at home as well. I always like to try the collective approach with discussion, clear goals and accountability. However, there are times where that approach can be ineffective due to those involved trying to take advantage of that approach. So that requires me to do stuff that I don’t like to do which is unilaterally make decisions to solve the problem. This was certainly the case with the way the HVAC equipment was being used in my home. I’ve always tried to teach my children that while they are certainly fortunate to have the life they have, they are not entitled. But the way they were jerking the thermostat around to accommodate their whims was unacceptable. Of course, I tried the rational approach for months. But over and over again, I was disappointed to see the same behavior was taking place. So finally, I had the HVAC company install a smart thermostat. With the smart thermostat I can put it in a mode that denies access to anyone else but me when it comes to adjusting the thermostat. HVAC equipment abuse problem is now solved.


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My own space thanks to ductless heat pump

It seemed most prudent for me to find some space inside the central air conditioning of my home that was mine.

With a house full of kids, I was finding it tougher and tougher to simply be able to be quiet with my thoughts. I spend a lot of time inside the commercial HVAC of an office doing work that can be especially stressful. My work requires long hours, super focus and often more confrontation than I want. So I find it essential to be able to relax and balance out my head when I’m at home. But again, there are a whole lot of people inside the central air conditioning in my house that make that tough. I tried using the small home office as a place of quiet and refuge. But my wife also needs that space to do the stuff that she needs to do. So it was pretty clear to me that I needed to find somewhere else in the house and maybe even outside of the central air conditioning. That’s when I called the HVAC company and had them install a ductless heat pump in our finished attic. The previous owner had finished off the attic space for some reason but all we were using it for was storage. With that ductless heat pump and a couple of camp chairs, I turned that area into a place where I can relax and not be bothered. I also have to say that I was really amazed by how great the heating and cooling comfort is with the ductless hate pump. These days, I know I can enjoy quality heating and air while getting the quiet and balance that I need.


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Back in my own HVAC comfort

It has been wild ride but one that I think will ultimately be for the best.

But for sure, I’m hoping to never have to rent again.

Just being back in a home I own with my own HVAC equipment is a big deal for me. My wife and I recently hit retirement and along came a whole bunch of lifestyle changes. Not only was I not going to the commercial HVAC of the office any longer, but we sold the family home and moved to the south. Prior to starting all of this, the plan sounded pretty simple and one that millions of others have undertaken. But I vastly underestimated what a big project all of this would be. Just getting the house on the market took all kinds of energy. At the same time, my wife and I were trying to wrap up our careers in order to leave the zone controlled HVAC of the office behind. So there was a lot going on at once. Thankfully, the HVAC company was awesome and after the initial meeting, they pretty much took it from there. It was nice to at least have the HVAC upgrade off of our plate. We chose to rent a two bedroom apartment after we sold the house and prior to moving to the south. Our thinking was we would be able to not have to rush when it came to finding the right retirement home where we wanted to live. However, living with outdated HVAC equipment in that apartment was quite uncomfortable. It was tough enough simply paring down our stuff in order to fit in a two bedroom apartment. Finally, we are in our new home and it comes with new central air conditioning as well. So hopefully, all of this effort will turn out to be as great as we think it will be.


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