The inconvenience of air conditioning repair

With the cost of purchase and installation so high, I hope my troubles have been solved until I sell the house

When I moved to my current house five years ago, I didn’t expect to deal with repair work. I thought I would have already built another home when everything started falling apart. It started with minor things like plumbing, and then my HVAC maintenance turned to air conditioning repair calls. I had always tried my best to do timely servicing for the quality HVAC equipment because the a/c serviceman warned me about the damage not doing it would cause when I moved in. That did not save me from calling the air conditioning technician to solve issues with the filters, then the external condenser part, and more recently, it’s something within the ducts. I am honestly tired, and I feel like I have learned more about air conditioning quickly, so it may be enough to start my career in the cooling industry. The last repair convinced me I needed a new HVAC installation because I called the air conditioning provider every fortnight for one issue. My first stop when I decided to replace the troublesome HVAC with a new quality air conditioner was the air conditioning company, where I wanted to window shop for what I would need and get a clue about the estimated budget. With the ducts in my house giving me trouble, a ductless system would do better without compromising the air quality in my house. The technician I spoke with recommended a ductless multi-split air conditioning system that fits my preferred specifications. With the cost of purchase and installation so high, I hope my troubles have been solved until I sell the house. For now, I am enjoying the silence of my programmable thermostat because the previous one kept sending warnings about an issue with the system.

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When all you can be is his air conditioning technician

Bruce’s house was everything and more than I wanted from the plush carpet, beautiful seats, and fancy electronics.

He had the latest equipment, from the washer to the microwave.

Bruce even had workout equipment that he seldom used. He has the newest model car. The guy was single and had no hurry to settle down. At some point, we tried dating, but it did not work out, but sadly I still have feelings for him that I know will forever remain unrequited. I tried keeping my distance so the feelings would fade, but he always managed to wiggle himself into my life. I was happy for him, but I couldn’t help but wish I was living in that house. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it all and was merely there as an air conditioning technician. Bruce had called the air conditioning company to ask for HVAC maintenance. I was already aware that Bruce had a multi-split air conditioning system since I was the one who did the HVAC installation. Given the symptoms he told me he had observed from the quality HVAC equipment, he needed air conditioning repair. He had also called the air conditioning provider earlier that week and ordered a wireless thermostat; I would be installing that too. He had also complained about the deteriorating air quality, but that was resolved after working on the quality air conditioner. Bruce was a good friend, so he always called me when he needed the cooling industry services of an a/c serviceman. He had learned more about air conditioning from me and was taking better care of his HVAC.

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Topnotch air quality at the ice-cream shop

It had been a good day.

I was moving houses and upgrading to a big condo.

I had worked hard to get here and was very proud of myself. I had one of those rare moments where I basked in my glory. After unpacking my things, I decided to go for a latte at the downtown mall. It had been a hot day. I noticed this when I got to the ice cream shop. The minute I entered the coffee shop, I immediately noted the difference between the outdoor temperature and inside the restaurant. I directly attributed this to a quality air conditioner. The thermostat at the counter indicated the latest technology in the cooling industry. Far from our outdated dial regulator, my recent landlady refused to change from the initial setup. The air conditioning technician had advised her countless times to change it, but she always complained about the “high” costs the company charged. The logo on the multi-split air conditioning unit indicated which heating industry had manufactured it. I knew this since I once dated an a/c serviceman and learned more about air conditioning from her. The management must observe the scheduled HVAC maintenance for quality HVAC equipment. As I sat there, I appreciated how cool and fresh it was inside and, more so, enjoyed my excellent chocolate mint ice cream. The indoor air quality was top-notch. It also occurred to me that I would not have to worry about air conditioning repair, which was part of the perks of living in an apartment building. The management would take care of contacting the indoor comfort business. I was previously in an in-law suite with a separate HVAC installation from the main house, so I was in charge of getting the air conditioning provider.


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My girlfriend with the skills of an a/c serviceman

When Sally moved in with me, there were many changes.

She overtook most of the closet space, including the one in the guest bedroom. My vanity changed from having just three bottles of shaving cream cologne and lotion to having countless bottles and containers that would rival a wizard’s pantry. The first time I unblocked the bathroom drainage, I was shocked by how much hair I found. Nevertheless, I loved seeing her stilettos next to my shoes on the shoe rack. I tease her now and then by saying that if we got broke and desperate, we would open a yard sale, and her shoes would be enough to get us out of a financial crisis. The unforeseen change was that we had to install an indoor air cleaning system. The air conditioning technician who came for the annual HVAC maintenance advised us to have more than a quality air conditioner. We also had to replace the air filter two more times to improve air quality than I did in a year because she had two cats, and she moved in with them. I upgraded the thermostat and contacted the air conditioning provider to plan a new HVAC installation. A week before she moved in, I had the air conditioning company install a multi-split system to ensure that the air quality would be welcoming on the day of her arrival. The best part is that she knows more about air conditioning than I do, and because of that, I knew our quality HVAC equipment was in good hands. She used the money she got from the indoor comfort business to fund her college tuition, which was not catered to by the scholarship. She did not work as an a/c serviceman, but she had learned about the cooling industry.

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