I like to live alone

But with my girlfriend it was pretty similar

Although I am a very social person overall, I have come to learn with time that I really like to live alone. It wasn’t always this way, it is due to experience. This naturally makes getting into a serious relationship difficult, but let me explain why I feel this way. My first experience with living with someone was with my roommate when I moved out of my parent’s home. My roommate and I got along okay, but we weren’t really that close. We didn’t talk too much and kind of kept to ourselves. However, my roommate was very controlling when it came to the heating and cooling of the home. He was always accusing me of touching the smart thermostat when I hadn’t. Since he paid more for the place and lived there first, he was the one who made the rules regarding the air conditioner, and since he almost never turned the A/C on, our place was almost always hot. I was miserable, and couldn’t stand not having cooling. When I finally moved out with my girlfriend, I thought that was a one off experience. But with my girlfriend it was pretty similar. Except we were supposed to share the HVAC machine, but she would never stop whining and complaining about the temperatures, it became extremely annoying when she would mention it every day. We ended up breaking up for that reason as well as some others. I love to live alone because I can choose whatever temperature I want the thermostat to be at, and not worry about anyone else.
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I didn’t want to be out in the sun

I rushed home and sat in front of the HVAC vent for a while.

The last thing I wanted to do was go outside on a day like this. It was one of those days where the sun was out and shining bright. The temperatures were in the high 90s, and there was no wind. Even though I had to run errands today, I did not plan on staying out in the sun. The plan was to quickly go from my car’s nice air conditioning to the building’s nice A/C, and avoid the hot temperatures. However, that doesn’t always work out the way I planned. I ordered lunch from a nearby restaurant that was within walking distance. I made sure to hurry my way over there to avoid being in the sun longer than necessary, however, to my dismay, there was a long line. Since I had already ordered, I was forced to wait in this long line. I am not sure why they were so busy that day, because they are not usually very busy. Anyways, it took almost 20 minutes to get my food, and by then, I was sweating pretty bad. I rushed home and sat in front of the HVAC vent for a while. The heat killed my appetite, and so I was completely fine with just sitting and enjoying the air conditioning. I decided to watch TV a bit, and by then my appetite had returned. I then got to enjoy my lunch, and the coolness of my home. I am glad I have great air conditioning, because I couldn’t imagine going without it in the middle of the summer.


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Duct cleaning can help remove pet hairs

As many pet owners will tell you, as great as pets can be, their hair can be a real hassle to deal with.

  • Pet hair gets everywhere, on your clothes, furniture and even in the air.

A lot of people use lint rollers as well as vacuum cleaners to remove all of the excess pet hair, but there is another really good method that is often overlooked. That is duct cleaning. Have you ever cleaned a spot and just a few hours later there would be hair? That is because a lot of the air from our pets is actually in the air, the same air we breathe in. The hair then floats all around the house and eventually settles on your furniture. The hair drifts between the HVAC vents and settles in all different parts of your home. That is why getting a duct cleaning is so important, not only to remove the hair, but ductwork cleaning is also really good for improving indoor air quality. You remove a lot of dirt and debris that has built up over the years. However, a lot of people don’t do this, because they either don’t know or don’t care. Anyways, that is how I keep my own home pet hair free, because I get annual duct cleanings as well as frequent vacuuming of the house. I have actually had a lot of people make comments when they realize I have pets, because my home is so clean. I would highly recommend you do the same if you want a clean home like me.

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Constantly changing out the air filters

Ever since I have started fostering cats and kittens, it has been pet hair galore.

I wanted to help out my local shelter, because they had many cats and kittens that needed a foster parent.

I wasn’t ready to commit to getting a cat just yet, so fostering seemed like the perfect solution, as well as helping some cats in the process. There were many that needed a foster parent, and for a variety of reasons. Some needed a foster parent because they were recovering from illness, others because they are kittens and some are just miserable in the shelter environment. I decided to take on a litter of kittens as well as a few adult cats. I converted a room of mine into a cat room, and I even put a portable air conditioner in there so the room would always be cool. The entire process was actually pretty easy and the cats adjusted well. The only issue is that all of the cat fur gets everywhere. There is so much cat fur it is unbelievable. When I changed my last air filter, it was completely covered in hair, I realized I would have to start changing out the HEPA filters more often, and that’s exactly what I did. I started having to change the HEPA filters out every month or so, just to prevent the build up of hair. Even though I now go through air filters like crazy, it is worth it if it means I get to help some kitties.

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