Smart thermostat not responding

The entire day, the heating and air conditioning system was all over the place. It would turn on and off randomly, would switch between heating and cooling and just in general was acting really odd. It almost made me think that my air conditioning system had come alive, but pushing the crazy ideas aside, I decided to look further into the issue. Then I spotted the problem, the smart thermostat that I had, had a blank screen. This was particularly frustrating, because that smart thermostat was only a month old, it should not be having problems. But here it was with a blank screen and not responding when I touched it. I didn’t want to deal with any problems it might have, because if it is always messing up after only being here a month, I didn’t want it. I called and explained my issue to the HVAC business where I bought the smart thermostat from. I was expecting them to say that it had been too long since I had ordered it, but thankfully they were very kind and understanding, and they sent out a new one free of charge. I sent them the old one that didn’t work, and once I had the new one installed all of the problems I was originally having with the heating and A/C unit disappeared. It was obviously the faulty thermostat. I am hoping that this thermostat is much better and will be working for a long time. I am just glad to have my furnace and A/C working normally again.


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Air conditioning component was working

When it finally came time to move out and go to and live on college campus, I was quite nervous, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

The move itself was fairly easy, and I didn’t take that many belongings with me.

However, there were a few things I worried about. One was meeting my roommate. I have heard all kinds of horror stories about roommates people have been paired with. Some are creepy, some are weird and some you just don’t get along with. However, when I met my roommate, I was happy to see that he was just some regular ole guy. He was actually pretty nice, and we had some common interests, so I think we will get along fine. Another one of my worries was with the air conditioning system. My roommate totally understood my concern for the A/C machine, because he had been there longer than I have, and he has experienced A/C troubles before as well. Thankfully, when I went over to inspect the heating and air conditioning device, I was pleased to see that it turned on and worked very well. Within minutes, the room cooled down and felt great. So far, college is not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be. I called my parents and told them about my experience so far, and how I was really glad that I wasn’t going to have any HVAC problems, and that my roommate is normal. I am hoping to graduate in a couple years and get a place of my own!



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A/C started randomly working again

I had something really weird happen the other day, it was the good kind of weird, but weird nevertheless.

So I live in a family that doesn’t make a lot of money, even though all of us are working, we all work minimum wage jobs.

Just my roommates and I. While we can get along just fine like this, if anything big happens and needs repairs, that is when issues arise. The air conditioner stopped working, and we all knew how expensive HVAC repair bills can be . Sure enough, the quote for the heating and cooling repair was far more than any of us could afford, especially since the damage on the A/C was extensive, so we all accepted the fact that we would be going without HVAC for a while. Even though we didn’t have cooling, it wasn’t too hard to live without. Really, it was only summer that was tough to get through. But apart from that, we kind of moved on. However, a year or so later, on a particularly hot day, my roommate decided to try and turn the air conditioning component on, and to her surprise it immediately turned on and started cooling the home. This was really weird because we tried multiple times to get it working again, and it never did anything. But suddenly a year later it is just magically working again, and it is cooling really efficiently as well? That was just weird, but hey, I’m not going to complain since I will happily live with A/C again.


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HVAC repair was way too much

Thankfully, there was an independent contractor in the area with A/C knowledge

I never realized how many responsibilities I would have to juggle until I became an adult. I remember back when I was younger, and I had so few responsibilities then, and so very few things to worry about. Nowadays, it seems like there is always something for me to do, even on all my days off. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I needed to drop my pet off at the vet, pick up the kids from school, attend one of their theater plays as well as do a fresh load of laundry for all of us. After that, I cook dinner and have a little bit of TV time to myself. Well, another thing that needed to be taken care of was the HVAC machine. The A/C unit was having issues, and so I called a HVAC specialist to come and take a look at it all. My kids were already complaining about the lack of A/C, and I was looking forward to having the cooling back myself. However, when the HVAC tech came out and diagnosed the issue, and then gave me a quote for repair, I knew it was way too much. After he left, I sat there pondering about how I was going to get the air conditioner repaired. Thankfully, there was an independent contractor in the area with A/C knowledge. He came out and repaired the air conditioner for a much cheaper price. Before I paid him, I vaguely mentioned my financial issues, and he offered that instead of me paying him the regular price, he could have my coffee machine instead. I never used the coffee machine anyways, and so I agreed.


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