Doing my own gigs as an air conditioning technician

Last year, I got laid off and decided to offer my services for money.

I am an air conditioning technician and have worked in the cooling industry for years.

When I got laid off, I set up a social media account and advertised my services to home and commercial property owners. The indoor comfort business had not only taught me more about air conditioning but also survival skills. I started with the people around me, gradually got referrals, and could sustain myself through that rough period. My first job was in air conditioning repair at my neighbor’s place. He had woken to find a puddle of water near his HVAC installation. At first, he thought the cat spilled water, but when the air quality reduced that week, he sought my help. He heard about me from a friend that I had advised him on how often to schedule HVAC maintenance. Sometimes there is a challenge working alone in this line of work because when a complex quality HVAC equipment or issue arises, I can get another opinion or idea from a fellow air conditioning provider. When I worked for the air conditioning company, I paired with an experienced a/c serviceman, and we worked perfectly together on residential and commercial HVAC systems. Several weeks ago, a customer called me and requested I have a look at his multi-split air conditioning unit. After checking the quality air conditioner and replacing the filter, I still could not figure out the issue. I called an old colleague in the next city who would pass by to help me. We discovered the problem was a rusted component that we replaced. We also fixed the digital thermostat, which had been giving false readings.

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My friend's air conditioning company

I visited my old friend James who recently started an indoor comfort business.

We have been friends for a very long time.

And now that I have decided to buy a multi-split air conditioning, it would be good if I get it from him since he is now an air conditioning provider. When I arrived at his shop, he was pleased to see me since it had been a long since we saw each other. He has a big business, and he even employed other people who helped him run the industry, such as the air conditioning technician, the a/c serviceman, and a cashier. He told me how he always wanted to start his own business, and now he was pleased. He has been in the cooling industry for a very long time. He previously worked in an air conditioning company and gained a lot of experience and good connections. After a long talk, he showed me the different equipment and how they work. He explained more about air conditioning and how some quality HVAC equipment gives good air quality. After showing me all the gear, he later recommended the unit to me, and I decided to buy it since I knew he was an expert and would choose a quality air conditioner for me. He also offered to help me with the HVAC installation and send his technicians to my house for HVAC maintenance. That way, my equipment will remain in good condition, and I will avoid having air conditioning repair, which can be a little expensive, especially when the equipment is not taken care of. After I returned home, my system and the thermostat were okay.


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Customer loyalty when it comes to little things like altering the temperature control

Customer service goes a long way in giving you a good reputation as a business, regardless of whatever product and/or service that you provide people. If there is ever a single industry in which this seems to ring true the most, it has to be the service industry, however in particular, the diner industry. Let me give you an example that I have personally experienced. In most diners, you honestly wouldn’t expect to be obliged if you asked your waiter or waiter to adjust the temperature on the temperature control. They will always offer you an excuse such as, the temperature control is programmable and cannot be changed, or they don’t have the authority to change the temperature control. Furthermore, they may even tell you that they will adjust the temperature when they have no intention of doing so. It would also seem to take a lot of complaints for the diner staff to take a plea for a temperature adjustment seriously. However, that is entirely not the case at this down-cabin Southern cooking diner that I frequent. Southern hospitality is their mantra, and they take it actually seriously! I have seen the diner employee himself come out and offer a blanket to an older person who was complaining about the chilly when it clearly wasn’t chilly for the vast majority of other shoppers in the diner. I’ve also tended to notice on a couple openings people remarking about the temperature on the temperature control. Instead of coming up with an excuse or a false promise, the wait staff will simply ask most people else in the area if they agree that the temperature is too high or low and they will adjust accordingly! Now that doesn’t take much effort, however it makes every difference when it comes to endearing your shoppers and facilitating their loyalty!

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Will diner staff change the temperature on the temperature control if you simply ask them?

If you’ve ever simply gone into a diner when it’s absolutely sizzling and humid outside, you may be a single of those people that just cannot seem to get comfortable.

Sometimes, due to a variety of factors, it may simply be too warm inside the diner on an absolutely sizzling day.

Maybe you sit too close to the outside doors and it’s a tied up day and they are always swinging open and closed. Maybe there are a lot of crucial windows and the daylight is bright and glaring through the glass heating up the interior of the dining area. Or maybe, the diner employer is trying to split costs by not sufficiently cooling his diner. As you may have guessed, in most diners, if you bring up the temperature and request that the wait staff adjust the temperature on the temperature control, you honestly won’t get someone to entirely go over and change the temperature. More than likely, they will remark that the temperature control is programmable and cannot be changed. They may even tell you that they will adjust it for you when they have no intention of doing so. If you notice that the wait staff doesn’t seem recognizably sympathetic towards you if you find yourself too chilly in the diner, take into consideration the fact that these employees are consistently on the move, so more than likely they entirely appreciate how cool it is. In fact, I had a friend who worked in the diner business who told me that the diner owner didn’t even bother turning the air conditioner on inside the home office in an attempt to save money. Ultimately, if enough shoppers complain about the temperature within a diner, that is honestly the only time in which staff will consider making an adjustment, so a single plea from a single shopper honestly won’t result in any change.



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