We made a bad choice and bought a propane fireplace

There is nothing like coming home to a warm, cozy house in the middle of the winter.

I dread going out during the winter months, but I love to just sit inside by our fireplace and read a good book.

It is so relaxing. Sadly, our fireplace stopped working a few weeks ago, so we had to buy a new one. We used to have an electric fireplace, but we decided to switch from electric to propane. My husband has a friend who sells propane, and he said he would sell it to us at a discounted price. We knew that we would save quite a bit of money by switching to a propane fireplace. I had a bad feeling about switching, but it was not based on anything except that I loved my electric fireplace, and I was afraid that I would not love our new one quite as much. We bought a propane fireplace, and my husband got it all installed. We actually bought it used for a very good price. It looked brand new, but we soon found out that it was not. As soon as we lit the fireplace, black smoke started coming out. That was not supposed to happen. We realized that there one a sticker inside the fireplace that was burning. It took about an hour, but we finally got the sticker off. I then realized that propane had a very strong smell, and it made me sick. Although it did not leak propane, I could still smell it for some reason, and it was bad. I told my husband that I did not think that I could deal with the smell, so long story short, we ended up putting it up for sale and buying another electric fireplace.

heating maintenance

The furnace in our camper has been acting up recently

I love to go camping! There is nothing like the relaxation of a good, long camping trip. Many of my friends think that it is more work to go camping than to just stay at home, but I really do not think it is. I have to admit that camping has become a lot more relaxing and nice since my husband and I bought a camper. It is so much easier to just make sure the camper is stalked and cleaned than it is to have to set up a tent and everything that goes with it. My husband and I have only went tent camping a few times, and that is because we tend to camp during the late fall or early winter months. There is no one else camping, and it is so nice and peaceful. We have been having some problems with our camper’s furnace recently, and it really has both of us a little worried. My husband told me that the furnace shut off randomly one night when he and his buddies were camping a few weeks ago. He woke up to a freezing cold camper, and it was not pleasant to say the least. He turned the furnace on manually, and it fired right up. We did not have any issues with it until two nights ago. It started making an awful noise. It was very loud and high pitched. It sounded like it was about to blow. I was panicking, but my husband took it quite calmly. It shut off on its own last night once again, but thankfully, it happened before we went to bed so that we could turn it back on right away. We are definitely going to have to get it checked out!

cooling install

My new air conditioner is amazing

It was actually a lot of fun.

I am one of those people who milk my birthday like crazy. I am well over twenty-five now, and I still like to make a big deal about my birthday. I can remember as a little girl, my parents did not do much to celebrate birthdays. They would just tell us kids happy birthday and every once in awhile we would get a birthday card. The first birthday that I can remember celebrating was my eighteenth birthday, and that was because one of my best friends threw me a birthday party. My husband knows how much I love to celebrate birthdays, so he makes a big deal about my birthday. We basically celebrate it all month long. This year for my birthday, I told my husband that I really wanted a new air conditioner. We had had the same air conditioner since we first got married twenty years ago, and it was getting old. It made some strange howling noises sometimes, and it did not do the greatest job at cooling the downstairs. It was relatively small as well which did not help. My husband was totally cool with getting me an air conditioner for my birthday, so when the day finally came we went air conditioner shopping. It was actually a lot of fun. We ended up getting two air conditioners. One of them for the downstairs, and one for upstairs. Ever since then, we have been enjoying our nice, cool house. My husband ended up surprising me with another gift the day after my birthday, but I think my favorite gift was the air conditioners!

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We had no time to get a new air conditioner

I absolutely love being a mom.

My husband used to jokingly say that he never wanted children because he would never be ready to take that responsibility.

Now that we have two kids, he could not be happier. Our two sons are so much fun. Our older son is ten, and our younger son just turned eight. We had a huge birthday party for our youngest last week. It was an absolute blast although it sort of started as a disaster. My husband has been away on business trips for our son’s sixth and seventh birthday parties, so we wanted to make his eighth birthday party huge since dad would be home this time. We had everything ready to go for the party when suddenly our air conditioner started blowing warm air. I was so upset. I asked my husband what could possibly be the matter. He checked it out, and he was not able to figure it out. At that point, guest had already started arriving. We planned on having some of the party indoors, but our plans would soon change. The house was getting warmer and warmer. After just two hours without air conditioning, the house was up to eighty degrees. We had to change all of the games to be outside games, and we even took the food outside to eat. It was much cooler to be outside with a breeze than inside the stuffy, humid house. I felt so bad for my son, but he actually did not mind at all. His favorite game was one that we did not even plan. It was a water balloon fight. Everyone got involved with the water balloon fight even the parents. We were all so hot that it was nice to get wet. We will never forget that birthday party without AC.



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