My husband and I finally found a home with a central air conditioning system

Looking for a new home can be quite frustrating at times.

  • The home that my husband and I bought right before we got married was small and cozy, but once we popped out two kids, it was time to find something bigger.

The nice thing about our little house was that it had a huge fenced in yard and a central air conditioning system. My favorite part about the house was definitely the air conditioning. I grew up without air conditioning, and it was so miserable in the house during the summer months. I used a window unit in an apartment that I rented with my friends before I got married, and it did not work well at all. The apartment always felt hot. When my husband and I started looking for a house, one of our priorities was to find another house with central air. We had gotten used to the convenience of it. We looked for months and months. We only found one house that had central air, and it was overpriced. We tried to get the owners to go down, but they refused to take our offers. We waited another four months before finally finding the house of our dreams. I had an even larger backyard than our previous house, and it had central air. We are so excited to move into our new house. We are going through the closing process right now, so soon we will be able to move into our new home! I cannot wait to be in a bigger home with central air conditioning and a huge yard for our kids to play in.

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I had to buy dehumidifiers for my house

My husband and I were both born and raised up north.

We loved living up there, and we honestly never planned to move anywhere else.

It was quite difficult making the decision to move south. My husband took it the hardest because he had to sell his parents house which was filled with precious memories from his childhood. I felt really bad, but both of us knew that it was time to move no matter how much our hearts did not want to. I actually do not mind living down south. It has been a little difficult getting used to a new way of life and meeting new people. The humidity is something that I still struggle with, and my husband does as well. It is much more of a humid climate than we are used to. The worst part for me is that the humidity messes with my hair. I cannot curl my hair anymore because the humidity is so high that the curls just fall out and my hair becomes a giant puffball. My husband has more serious issues with the humidity. He has noticed that it has done some damage to our house. The wallpaper in the kitchen is peeling off because of the humidity as well as in the bathrooms. The humidity also makes the floors slippery sometimes which is not fun. I have fallen twice since we lived in the house, and one of the times I broke two of my fingers. We decided that we needed to start using dehumidifiers in our house. We bought two of them. One is upstairs, and the other one is downstairs in the kitchen. The dehumidifiers have definitely helped!



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I bought a new wall mounted air conditioner while living in a foriegn country

I have to take many business trips for my job.

I honestly love to travel.

It is so much fun, and I get to see a lot of things that I would otherwise not be able to see. My husband gets to travel with me sometimes, and we have so much fun when he does! Most of his work is online, so he has a very flexible schedule to be able to travel with me whenever the opportunity arrives. We have had such a good time traveling this past year. It was the first time that we stayed out of the United States for an entire year! It was a totally different experience than ever before. We were in Asia, and we did not speak the language, so it was difficult yet so much fun! The apartment that we stayed in for the year was very nice, but it did not have all of the conveniences that we were used to. There was no dryer, so we hanged our clothes to dry. There was also no air conditioning in the apartment which was a big deal to both of us. It gets pretty warm where we were staying. From May to September it was around ninety degrees just about every day. The apartment was so hot! We ended up going shopping for an air conditioner. The air conditioners they sold were different than my husband and I had ever used before, so we were a little confused at first. They were ductless, mini-split air conditioners. They were meant to be mounted onto the wall. It was an interesting experience trying to buy an air conditioner without being able to speak the language. We ended up getting one, and it was such a relief!


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Living up north has changed my temperature preferences forever

As a younger girl, I always described myself as a southern girl with a northern heart.

I hated the heat and humidity where I lived, and I longed to move up North where it was cool.

When I first met my future husband at college, I asked him if we were to marry someday if he would be willing to live up north. He was all for it because he knew of some great job opportunities up there. Long story short, we ended up getting married, and now, we live up north. I can say that I was not prepared for the weather up here. Although I longed for a nice, cool place to live, I was not prepared for how cold and snowy the winters would be. I literally had only seen snow a handful of times before I moved up north. We never once turned on our heat in our house down south, so having to use heat almost year round is crazy to me! I think that my blood is too thin to live up here. I cannot believe that I dreamed of living up north my whole life, and now that I am finally here, I hate it. It is just too cold. I freeze in the winter, and most of the time, I freeze in the summer. It only gets up to about seventy-five degrees during the day, and it drops down to the fifties at night time. I think the coldest it ever got when I was living down south was fifty degrees, and that was in the middle of the winter! I do not like to complain to my husband about the weather since he loves it up north, and I am the one who asked him to move up here in the first place.


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