I have always hated space heaters

I don’t know why it is, but I have always really hated space heaters. I think that they are just terrible. Not only do I hate the way that they look, but I also hate the way that they are a danger to people and property. I know that they have made advances in space heater technology over the years, but I still think that something that plugs into a wall and produces heat on purpose just can’t be good. I really don’t understand why people want to have so many space heaters placed around their homes during the winter. This is usually something that I see in older people’s homes. I don’t know if they think that they are saving money by using electric space heaters that they plug into the wall instead of their central furnace system, but I just don’t think that it works. Honestly, plugging in a whole bunch of space heaters that run on electricity probably actually makes the heating bill higher than it would be if they would just turn their thermostat system up a little bit. This is exactly what I keep trying to tell my grandma, but she will just not listen to me. Back when I was a little kid, I burned my hand on his space heater and I have had a vendetta against him ever since. You just can’t convince me that a space heater is the way to go when you are trying to heat your house in the winter. I honestly feel like any other heating source would be better than a space heater.



My wife ruined our air conditioning system last year

Last year whenever my wife was gardening, she ended up ruining our HVAC system accidentally.

She was working out in the back on the garden behind the garage.

She loves working on flower beds and stuff like that during the summer and she is constantly messing around with different kinds of plantings and vegetation. Every year, as soon as the weather starts heating up outside,my wife gets out her gardening gloves and goes to work. She loves getting her hands dirty more than any other woman that I’ve ever met. I like that about her, but last year, she really did a number on our HVAC system because of her love for gardening! She was back there in the back of the garage working when a sudden rainstorm started. Instead of putting everything away, she just covered it all up with a big tarp instead. Then she ran inside, not noticing that the tarp was partially on top of the exterior part of our central air conditioning system! Later on that day, we turned the air conditioning on because it got really hot and muggy after the rain stopped. Unfortunately for us, the exterior air conditioning unit somehow sucked the tark into it. It got wrapped around the fan blades on the inside of the AC unit and made them completely seize up. It ruined our air conditioning unit and we had to purchase a completely new one. I like to call that my wife’s most expensive gardening project that she has ever done. A new air conditioning system is not cheap, that’s for sure!


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My team has done a great job meeting their quotas

My sales team has done a really great job meeting their sales goals recently and so I wanted to do something to reward them for all of their hard work. I decided to replace the entire heating and cooling system in the office because I had heard a lot of the employees complaining about the temperatures in the office. I thought that it would be a good way to boost morale if I did something about the HVAC system. So I closed the office down for a week and I had everyone work from home while I had a commercial HVAC company come in and get to work. My employees really had no idea at all what I was doing while they were all working from home. I couldn’t wait for them to come back into the office to see the great surprise that I had waiting for them there. The commercial HVAC company that I hired to do the heating and cooling system reboot did a really fantastic job on the HVAC system in the office. We even ended up with all new ventilation ducts. Now, the indoor air quality in the office building is better than it has ever been before and my employees are all thrilled about it. I have never seen so many people be happy about a new HVAC system before. They are also all really loving the air purification system that we installed. I think that everyone is going to stay much healthier now. We can probably save a lot of money on sick days now!

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I was given the chance to choose temperature controlled storage

I can’t believe that I was given the chance to choose temperature controlled storage for all of my stuff when I moved and I didn’t end up taking it.

I did not know at that point that temperature controlled heating and cooling was something that I really needed at that point.

It wasn’t something that I had ever really heard of at all before that point. I had always lived up north in the part of the country where the humidity wasn’t really all that much of a problem. But then whenever I decided to move south for a new job, I never really knew that I was going to find out that the air conditioning system was going to be the most important thing of all to me. At that point in my life, I had no idea that the humidity was taken care of by the air conditioning system. It just wasn’t something that I had ever really thought that much about before because it wasn’t something that I had to deal with on a regular basis. Whenever I moved down there for my new job, I put all of my stuff into a storage unit that was not temperature controlled. Of course, now I know that that was a rookie mistake. But back then I had no idea what the humidity and the high temperatures were going to do to all of my clothes and my books. By the time I got everything squared away with a new apartment and my new job, I had mildew all over everything. It was awful! Now I tell everyone who will listen to always choose temperature controlled storage instead.

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