We bought a house with heated flooring

My husband, David, and I have been trying to find a house that fits our needs and wants for a couple of years now.

  • We have looked in several different neighborhoods, but one neighborhood caught our eye.

Actually, one particular house caught our eye, but it was not for sale. We continued looking for months, but we never found anything that we liked. After about a year and a half of looking, the house that we had loved all along went up for sale. We were so excited, and we were the first to look at the house. We fell in love at first sight, and we made an offer. The previous owners took the offer immediately, and we moved in just over two months later. One of the coolest features about this house is that it has heated flooring. The entire downstairs has heated flooring, and I am so excited to use them this winter. When we first got married, I told my husband that I wanted heated flooring in our house. When we were looking for our first home, getting a house with heated flooring was just not in our budget. I honestly did not even know that heated flooring existed until I visited a friend up north, and we went to her parent’s for dinner. While we were there, I noticed that the floors seemed really warm and toasty. I think I must have mentioned it because they told me all about their heated floors. I was so amazed by them that I wanted heated floors in my house ever since then. Now, my dream has come true!

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Lately, it has been so cold that I have had to use an extra space heater in my son’s bedroom.

My husband and I own a big, old farmhouse. It actually belonged to my great grandparents way back in the day. It is so full of history and character. I am so thankful to be living in a house full of my own family’s history. My husband has had to put a lot of work into this old house. It is definitely high maintenance. We had to replace all of the windows to help insulate the house a little better. We still lose quite a bit of heat during the winter months which makes heating the house quite expensive. The coldest rooms in the house are the bedrooms. I do not know why, but they seem to lose the most heat. My son’s room is probably the coldest. I think his room is where most of the wind hits the house. We always have an electric space heater going in his room during the winter months so that he stays warm enough. This winter has been the coldest winter that I can remember since living in this big, old farmhouse. We have had to do even more than usual to keep the house warm. It has been a lot of work. Some nights we just all camp out in the living room near the wood stove in order to stay warm enough. I have had to use a second space heater in my son’s room because it has been so cold. I cannot wait for this winter to end. It has already been hard and it is only December. My husband is going to see if he can do anymore to help insulate the house, but to be honest, even our neighbors with newer houses are having trouble staying warm this winter.

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I found a nice a/c on sale

I cannot think how fantastic of a deal I got on my cooling system.

I had been needing an cooling system for some time, but I just was not willing to break the bank over it. I looked into getting a used cooling system, but the ones that I could find did not come with the air purification system that I wanted. I looked and looked for multiple months before I came across a absolutely fantastic deal one afternoon. It is sort of funny because I was not even looking for an cooling system the afternoon that I found it. I was looking for a nice garden hose, and I just so happened to go to the wrong side of the store. I ended up seeing some cooling systems on sale, so I took a look. I am so cheerful that I decided to follow my instincts and look because I got an cooling system 50% off. I was so excited. To this afternoon, I have no idea why it was 50% off in the middle of the summer, but it was. I have been using my cooling system for quite awhile now, and I am super blissful with it. It is actually absolutely nice not to be warm in my house. I had trouble sleeping for awhile because my entryway was so warm, but I don’t have that trouble anymore. I just leave the door to my entryway open at evening, and the cool air from the cooling system in the dining room keeps my entryway at the perfect temperature. I am so cheerful that I found such a fantastic deal on a brand current cooling system.

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I started using a propane furnace in my living room

I never thought that I would enjoy having a propane furnace in my house, especially in my living room.

I have never particularally liked the stink of propane, so I thought that having a propane furnace was not an option for me.

However, I visited a friend a few months ago, plus she had a propane furnace in her house. It sort of looked like a metal fireplace. It wasn’t the cutest furnace in the world, but it kept the entire downstairs of her dwelling actually warm. I did not even know that it was a propane furnace until she told me. I asked her when she had gotten the heater, plus she told me she had gotten it a few months back, then she proceeded to tell me how she got it on sale plus how she got the propane tank on sale as well. It was then that I realized that the furnace was a propane heater. I did not even stink propane. It blew my mind because my dad had a propane furnace when I was a kid, plus stinked like propane legitimately strongly. He used it to heat the garage when he wanted to labor out there. I never liked going out there when he had that propane furnace on because the stink was so strong that I would feel sick! Well, I don’t know if that was because his furnace was much older or because there was a leak anywhere, but my friend’s propane furnace didn’t have any strong stinks like that. I decided to try a propane furnace in my living room since I had been struggling to keep it warm. I am so gleeful that I did because I cherish the heater, plus it actually does keep my dwelling nice plus toasty.



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