The ongoing pros and cons of heat pumps

For a long time in the heating and A/C industry homeowners had to choose between 2 different systems in order to both heat and cool their homes.

  • The only 2 chances were furnaces and air conditioners.

However, technology has progressed since then and there are now weather conditions control systems that can run solely on electricity and provide both heating and cooling throughout the year, however one of those types of heating and a/cs is called a heat pump. One of the greatest advantages to using heat pumps is that they do not cost much to maintain. That all being said, they can be quite expensive to install. Some people may be relieved that they will no longer have to use gas to heat their homes, as this consistently causes the potential risk of a gas leak and carbon monoxide poisoning. Heat pumps basically use refrigerant to either transfer heat from the outside of a cabin to the inside of a cabin or a transfer heat from the inside of the cabin to the outside of a home. This form of heating and cooling is actually efficient and sporadically does not even require the use of HVAC duct. Again, heat pumps can be expensive to install, however they will end up costing less money on your bi-weekly utility bills. This is also on top of the fact that you will not need any alternative fuel source and it will simply need electricity only. Perhaps heat pumps are a good option for you if you are considering getting a new heating and a/c for your home.

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Take pictures of the several parts of your heating and A/C system right before renting a home!

When I moved into my new rental home, I was actually gleeful for being able to get my own space away from my family.

I desperately needed to get that sense of independence and freedom.

I was only 20 years old, and I had never been out on my own. Unfortunately, this came with some lack of experience. For example, I wish someone would have told me to take pictures of every area of my heating and a/c before I started renting. I knew that it was my job to change out the air filters whenever a single in use got too dirty. I was also sent a video from my landlord on how to unclog the drain pan should that ever be an issue. However, despite me doing all these things, there seemed to be some major problems with my heating and A/C system that I don’t assume I should have been responsible for. For a single thing, right then and there came a point in the summertime when the air conditioner was blowing and blowing and it wasn’t getting any cooler. I told the landlord and she sent out an actual heating and A/C worker to take a look. There were extensive repairs that needed to be done, and the landlord basically scolded me for not taking care of it sooner. She seemed to be of the opinion that it was absolutely my fault, however she only ever instructed me to change out the air filters and pour a solution into a pipe to wash a single part. Then I found out that the heating and A/C system was entirely actually old! I should have taken pictures to show that the heating and A/C system was in a poor state long before I ever got there!

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A previous heating and A/C catastrophe taught me to be really proactive about repair

The weather is getting progressively warmer and warmer as Springtime approaches.

I have not even had to suppose about using my a/c for the past more than 2 months. However, my buddy and I recently had a charming, warm day right out of the yellow! That got me thinking that it may entirely be time to call my local heating and air conditioner service. My gas furnace has definitely gotten me through the winter just fine. That is only because I made sure that it was inspected in the first week of October. My pal and I installed a heat pump style heating and A/C system about 5 years ago, and it is still running strong. However, I must stress that it is only because my fiance and I consistently called out heating and A/C workers right before my buddy and I needed to begin using either the gas furnace or the air conditioner component of the system. I wasn’t consistently proactive about maintaining heating and air conditioner equipment. I remember my first cabin was quite reasonably priced. It was small, however it suited my needs at the time! Unfortunately, the heating and A/C system, I soon discovered, was about 12 years old. I didn’t guess much about heating and A/C systems, so I went ahead and bought the house from the owner. That heating and A/C system needed a lot more care than I bothered giving it because of its age, which made the situation worse to say the least! Freezing my entire butt off for about 5 weeks in the winter because of a catastrophic failure of that house’s heating system made me vigilant about heating and A/C repair ever since!


Compromising on temperature control settings to satisfy your partner

People from the same type of weather conditions can still have actually different ideas about the kind of temperature that they want to set on the temperature control.

For example, my fiance is definitely from an island in tropical weather conditions, while I live in the Southeastern United States, where it is also sizzling and humid for most of the year! I am trying to sponsor her to come and marry me in the United States; and in the meantime, my buddy and I are having all sorts of discussions about the different ways my buddy and I will compromise on personal comfort… But when I visited her last October and spent a week in a hotel with her, it was an occasion to gauge what kind of temperature she prefers to set the air conditioner to, sure enough, she could be entirely chilly while I was perfectly comfortable, so my buddy and I had to figure out what temperature my buddy and I should set on the temperature control to achieve some sort of gleeful medium between the 2 of us. When my buddy and I talked about what kind of temperature my buddy and I would appreciate to set in our home, I suppose my buddy and I came to a pretty good agreement. I personally don’t care nearly as much about what temperature is set during the day, recognizably when no one is home, however even when I am home. For example, if it’s the summer, I don’t mind simply turning the temperature up to 74°, so that the air conditioner does not come on near as often; but at that point, I shall just wear less layers and use fans… My fiance even would not mind if the temperature was set to 69°, which is a bit much for me. What absolutely matters to me is the temperature at night, because I am well aware that I sleep much better when it is cool or even chilly in the study room… This is the main point of satisfaction between the 2 of us, however my buddy and I were able to settle on setting the temperature control to about 76° in those days.

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