We could never agree on the temperatures

My husband and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to temperatures.

Has been a recurring problem in our marriage, I want to get a zone controlled HVAC system to take care of this issue once and for all but my husband refuses to because of how expensive they are.

I understand that getting his own control heating and cooling system wouldn’t be cheap, but we are constantly fighting over the temperatures and in my mind the constant fighting isn’t worth it. He could easily keep this house in the high 80s to maybe even low 90s and he’ll be fine. I like to think that I’m more normal because I like room temperatures, not even that picky with what the room temperature is in the house. It’s my husband’s issues with anything that is cooler than 85 degrees. If you ask me it’s crazy, understand being such a hot houses beyond me especially in the summer months. In the summer months here with the heater going it could easily get up to 95 degrees in the house that’s not higher. I’m completely serious that my husband runs the heater, not the air conditioner, in the summer months. It’s unfortunate because apart from the temperature differences we have a lot in common, but we cannot seem to get past these temperature differences. He refuses to buy a zone controlled HVAC system, and just expects me to go and have to deal with this heat. He doesn’t even ask me how I feel about it. I know it’s not a good sign, and I’m wondering if maybe I should leave.

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It was too cold in the house

It is way too cold in this house.

I have recently moved into a place with my boyfriend and while everything had been going good for a while there is one pretty big problem between us, and that is that we have vastly different temperature preferences.

This is a current issue in our relationship that we’ve been trying to work on. We were thinking about getting a zone controlled HVAC system, or maybe I just had a space heater in my room so that I wouldn’t be so cold. But the problem was I didn’t like the idea that he got the entire house to be whatever temperature he wanted, well I had to be confined to one room and use a space here just so I wouldn’t freeze. It just didn’t feel fair to me. If we’re going to be sharing a space It should be 50/50. He absolutely loves cold temperatures, I’m keeping the house at 65 degrees is just a regular occurrence. Personally I think he’s crazy for liking such cold temperatures, well I wouldn’t say like warm temperatures. Anything I was 78 degrees and over is fine with me. Therein lies the problem, I agree, and him keeping the AC so cool all the time is not only making me and the household but it’s also raising the cost of our energy bills. We decided that in order to come to a compromise we would get a zone controlled HVAC system. It seemed like the only fair way that both of us could have what we wanted even if it was expensive.

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Finally fixing my air conditioner

I had been putting it off for as long as I can remember but I finally decided to get my air conditioning system fixed.

The reason that I had been putting my air conditioning off for so long is that I hated the idea of having a heating and cooling guy coming over to my house and interrupting my schedule.

I have always been a very scheduled person I like to plan out specifically what I like to do every single day, and it is because of this that having a heating and cooling guy coming over and interrupting my personal me time when I’m right in the middle of doing well whatever I need to do for that day, just thinking about it was annoying to me but what was even more annoying was not having any air conditioner when the weather was starting to warm up. I live in a warmer climate and because of this, it doesn’t take long for the heat to start getting heated when the summer months start coming around. I knew that if I wanted to enjoy my home in any sort of comfort that I was going to have to have my air conditioning fixed. It had been broken for 3 months now and I hadn’t done anything about it. I was finally reluctant to schedule a heating and cooling appointment with our nearby Heating and cooling business. As soon as I thought, the price was fair and the heating and air conditioning guy that I talked to was really nice and we had a good conversation. If all my heating and cooling plans can go like this and perhaps I won’t mind so much.

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I found my dream home

Never seen a house that you just looked at once and realized that that was your dream house. That is exactly what happened to my husband and I last week. We had been wanting to do some house hunting for quite a while now but we had looked at house after house after house and we still had not found anything that we had fallen in love with. We had several houses that we liked but we didn’t have any that we loved. Then one day we were driving around just checking out neighborhoods we had never seen before, just to see if they happen to have any houses for sale. Yes, we could always do house hunting on the internet and yes, that is more convenient, but I really like to get out there and physically see the houses for myself. Anyways while we were driving around in this neighborhood, enjoying the air conditioning and looking at all the houses that were available I saw this one house that I just dropped everything for. It was so weird because we both looked at it at the same time and it’s like we both knew. The problem was that the house wasn’t for sale. Now what were we going to do? I Took a bit of a risk and I went over to the house and I knocked on the door and I explained to her that I believed that this was my dream house and I told her that if she ever plans on selling it to please let me know because I’d be interested. I know that isn’t generally the way house buying works, but I couldn’t help but to bring it up. He was unsurprisingly surprised with what I told her but agreed that she let me know and she took my number. It wasn’t until years later after we’d been living in an apartment with terrible air conditioning for a while that she actually called me and told me that she was selling the house. She had found another house, her dream house that she wanted to live in in another state and so she was moving. I was thrilled and as soon as the house went up on the market I purchased it. The house had much better AC than our crappy apartment did.
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