Remember my days in HVAC

I can still remember my very first day working as an HVAC repair guy.

I think that I was only seventeen or eighteen years of age at the time and I was working for my dad’s company.

When I first started I didn’t know if it was going to be something that I loved or that I couldn’t stand, and after my first day I didn’t think that it was for me. I remember working alongside my dad trying to restore a worn out air conditioning unit back to its former glory and we were having a heck of a time with it. I can still remember all of the terminology that my dad was spewing out speaking on things like positive pressure, a metering device, liquid lines, and all sorts of other things. I was convinced for a while that he was speaking a completely different language! However as the days went by I slowly but surely started to get a better grasp on things and I was feeling more confident in my abilities. Now ten years into being an HVAC repairman I am as confident as ever and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have progressed so far in my professional career. It just goes to show that it’s not about where you start, but it’s about where you finish in the HVAC world!


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Former basketball player

I used to go to high school with this guy that currently plays in the NBA. Not only did we go to school together, but we were actually extremely close friends for all four years. I can still remember when we first met back when we were in HVAC repair class together freshman year. This was just an elective class that we each ended up taking because it sounded more interesting to us than the standard music or theory elective classes, plus we would get to work with our hands. We both ended up being naturals when it came to HVAC repair and we even worked together after school every so often on repair jobs working with old air conditioning systems that had been thrown out. I would say that during the time we made well over five thousand bucks just doing those flips. Well, not that my old friend is in the NBA. I doubt that he has the time or the need to make some money doing HVAC repair, but I sure do look back on those times fondly. I even spoke with him about catching up and he offered to get me front row tickets to the game. I’m so glad that my buddy isn’t the type of guy who got a big head once he started making all of that money and still seems to be extremely down to earth regardless. I mean seriously, who in the world could have imagined that an elective HVAC course would make me lifelong friends with a world famous athlete!
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Handy type of guy

I used to have a friend back when I was in high school who was such a handy type of guy. There wasn’t a time when he wasn’t busy trying to fix something and then flip it to make some money. I can even remember this one time when we were out at my house having some drinks outside and relaxing when he noticed an old and broken down air conditioning unit that my parents had sitting in the shop. We used to have all sorts of old scraps of junk in the shop, and over the years I started to forget that most of that stuff was even there. He began asking me all of these questions about the air conditioning unit, questions that I had no idea how to answer. What type of model was this unit, was it low voltage or high voltage, and all things in between. Eventually he started asking me so many questions that I just told him that he could have the old and broken down unit for free and find out all of the questions that he had for himself. Flash forward a few weeks and my buddy tells me that he was able to sell that old piece of junk after fixing it up for a hefty price. I truly could not believe it. I wish I had that type of skill, but I guess I can’t complain that much. At least I have a friend that I can call that can help get rid of all of my HVAC related junk!

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A cold library

Back when I was in law school there was this study room area in the library that was my favorite place to study.

It was always extremely clean, it had an amazing view of campus, and there were never tons of other students there which was all fantastic. There was also a nice industrial grade air conditioning unit in this part of the library so it was always nice and cool during those humid summer months. Well, seemingly out of the blue during the summer there was this group of students that were always extremely loud and rude that started coming to this spot. I don’t like dealing with these types of people and I didn’t want to move study spots, so I decided to use the state of the art air conditioning system to my advantage. The first thing that I did was when the group came in the next day and was being extremely loud I went over to the air conditioning room and used some of the skill that I had picked up from my uncle to override the system and make it turn down to an ice cold 55 degrees. About fifteen minutes later the group realized how cold it was and decided to go and be loud and annoying somewhere else. I never saw them the rest of the summer. I now call myself an honorary HVAC tech with how I was able to manipulate that A/C system!


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