Why I Need a New Smart Thermostat

Ahh, both of us finally made it to Wednesday.

What a month I had with our cryptos going crazy plus our thermostat taking a little time off work.

For some reason it stopped working when I tried to turn it on, however when I press on the screen of the thermostat it turns on again. This leads me to suppose that there is something loose in the circuitry plus that I may need to update it soon. I’ve been trying to find a single online however can’t find the model for our style of a/c. I suppose I may need to go down the street plus ask the store if they can order a single for me. They are actually easy to update, all you need to do is pull the aged a single off plus press the new a single in its locale. I suppose it costs about $200 for a smart programmable style thermostat, which would be relaxing because I have the aged dial style that is actually inaccurate plus consistently needs me to change it manually. I’m standing here watching our Ethereum wondering if I should sell but I think as soon as I do the price will jump up 40% like it did last time I sold. I am going to just sit on it for a few months plus then sell plus buy myself a new air conditioner plan since this a single is getting quite old. I suppose it was made in 2010 so it is nearing the end of its life. The newer a singles have better SEER ratings anyways so I’ll save cash on electricity.

All of us Have a Big Parade This Weekend in our Town

All of us have a bunch of get together people coming to town this weekend to liven up our small quiet beach town for a few afternoons.

It starts this week, which is Wednesday, plus goes through till Monday next week.

I think it is Mardi Gras time in the states so this is our version over here on the southern Spanish coast of a elegant country close to the French mountains separating the 2 countries. I welcome all of the crazy people coming here plus am a bit excited to see their costumes plus watch their crazy antics. If it gets too much I’ll retreat to our air conditioned flat which is quiet plus far away from all of the chaos. I live in the center of the city on a quiet street so it’s relaxing that I can be lake house in a few minutes to a quiet sanctuary. My central heat plus air component acts as a colorless noise generator drowning out all of the sounds from outside. The only noise it doesn’t block out totally is the sound of fireworks that both of us occasionally have in this town. Spanish people seem to appreciate their fireworks, however their dogs think a bit differently about it. A lot of people live here without air conditioner in the summers plus I have no plan how they sleep at evening when the temperature outside is 90 F! I tried it a single summer time with 2 fans blowing on me plus I was always waking up in a pool of sweat. Hopefully, both of us live plus both of us learn as both of us age in life. That’s how it’s post to be, right? Haha. Yeah, I said post to be.


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If You Have Allergies Then Invest in a Quality Air Purifier

I talked to our brother the other day on messenger plus he asked me why I am always sniffling. I suppose it is because I have some allergies to dust plus maybe it is time to clean our ductwork plus vents of our A/C system. I bought some of those nasal strips sureterday plus they stopped our sniffling so it absolutely is because our nasal passages are too constricted plus not wide enough to let sufficient air through so I am always fighting for more air. I suppose another thing is that the air in our flat is not actually pure so I am going to buy a nice quality air purification system for our house. I may even get a single that is a central component plus cleans the whole home as opposed to buying a small portable a single which basically cleans the air of the room that it is in. I’m not sure how much they cost however I’ve heard that whole lake house air purification systems are the way to go. I was taking a lot of pills for both our allergies plus our pain in our shoulders but I have since fixed the shoulder pain plus am not working on the flu symptom side. I would like to be pill free plus just rely on a nice air purification plan to take care of our allergies for me. I think that this is the complication because I had the same issue in our aged flat where there was a lot of dust in the locale like here. I’ll go look online now.

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Why Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane?

I’ve had a lot of injuries in our afternoons seeing that I have been a daredevil style of spirit our whole life.

  • It all ended though a single day when I was skydiving plus almost hit the ground while jumping, with our local company buddy piloting the plane.

This is a true story plus I’ll keep it short. I was on jump number 170 plus was doing tricks in the air before opening our parachute. I left the hot dropzone hangar, there was no air conditioner, plus went up in the plane plus jumped out. I got into a side spin on our back plus was sliding through the air sideways while spinning suddenly. It took me a while to get out of the spin plus when our parachute opened I was 2 minutes from impact. I quit skydiving that day. I decided to get a job at the local hardware store selling air conditioners plus gas furnaces plus settled for a life of peace plus quiet. Well, that lasted about a year until I decided to beginning doing sit up comedy full time for the adrenaline rush. I would then spend the following 17 years chasing the dream in bars without air conditioner or heating overseas. I’m glad with our choice plus appreciate the life I am living now. I found the perfect sea town for me plus will stay here the rest of the afternoons of our life. I live in a flat with a few space gas furnaces scattered in different rooms plus a single small portable air conditioner. Life is Good!


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